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Lighting Catalog Printing

lighting catalog printing

While printing catalogs for the lighting industry, it is very important to pay special attention on the photo quality. Owing to the catalog being for a lighting company, the resolution and details prevalent in the catalog must be of high quality. One of the prime reasons behind this is that being the catalog of a lighting company, strong lighting color needs to be a very important part of it. Being experienced in this field and having amassed considerable expertise in printing lighting catalogs, we are the best choice for the job.

We have printed many lighting catalogs for local customers and overseas customers. These include catalogs for outside lighting and home lighting. Color printing technology is very important for such catalogs that will be full of lighting images. We use GMG color proof system to control the printing color. Based on your request, we can provide you with a PDF proof or print a set of hard proof. The colors between hard proof and mass products share a 95% similarity.

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Being highly experienced in printing a custom lighting catalog, we provide quality-printing services. These services include, free printing file templates, free printing file checking, mailing services, to name a few. For catalog paper, you can choose from a wide range of papers in our paper sample manual. Our paper sample manual is free. However, you need to pay for its shipping cost. Meanwhile, you may choose different binding methods as well. With the help of these choices, you will be able to get the perfect catalog that you had conceived in your mind.

Having printed and exported lighting catalogs for customers all over the world, we guarantee to never let you down. Besides printing lighting catalog, we can also print other different types of catalogs. These include printing furniture catalogs, product catalogs, jewelry catalogs, etc. In addition, we can print books, calendars, posters, booklet, magazine, presentation folder as well. Let us do you printing products right now, and you shall not be disappointed.

Full Color Lighting Catalog Printing Specification

cheap catalog printing
Lighting Catalog Printing
low cost catalog printing
  • Size: 8.5X11″;
  • Cover paper: 250gsm gloss art paper
  • Cover surface: Matte lamination with spot UV
  • Interior paper: 128gsm gloss art paper
  • Interior page count: 400 pages
  • Cover printing and interior printing: Full color printing (CMYK printing)
  • Binding: Sewing and perfect binding with 3-hole drilled
  • MOQ: 500pcs

Design a High Quality Lighting Catalog Tips

The lighting manufacturers distribute the lighting catalogs to their wholesale sellers. Therefore, the lighting catalog is very important for their customers, as it allows the customers to select the lighting model they need from the lighting catalog. How can you print a high quality lighting catalog to show your high quality products? Here are some printing tips for your reference:

  • The first tip is to use high quality photos and high quality artworks. This is very important. The lighting catalog is for showing each and every lighting product. To make sure your products are of high quality, you should provide high quality photos and high quality artwork. If you don’t have high quality photos, you lighting catalogs would suffer as a result. All photos should be at least 300dpi.
  • The next tip is to have a great design. Great design is a guarantee of a high quality printed catalog. Design the catalog style to match your lighting products style, and you will be able to resonate with your customers.
  • Finally, do not design the small black texts with the use of CMYK printing. Offset printing is CMYK printing. If the small texts are printed with CMYK colors, once printing is over, the black texts will not appear to be very clear. In addition, please make sure that the texts are done in a vector file.

Lighting Catalog Printing and Binding Tips

Firstly, in order to facilitate hanging the lighting catalog into a binder, many catalogs come with 3-holes drilled or 2-holes drilled. If you design a catalog with 3-holes drilled or 2-holes drilled, make sure the texts and important photos are not kept near the drilled holes. Otherwise, they have a chance of getting drilled themselves, thereby ruining the overall feel of your catalog. Meanwhile, keep more margin on the binding edges. You should keep this point in mind before you start designing. If done accordingly, some major issues can be avoided. If you are a new to this, feel free to contact our experts. We can provide free templates. In addition, after you upload your printing files to us, our designers will check and adjust it for you.

Secondly, most of the lighting catalogs last for half a year or one year especially if you are a wholesale seller. We suggest you do lighting catalog with sewn and perfect binding. This is because sewn and perfect binding is sturdy to last that long.

For more artwork tips, please check out our printing guide about artworks.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Can you make some catalogs with perfect binding and some catalogs with wire-O binding or spiral binding?

Yes. We can do it. If you do two binding methods, we will send two sets of PDF proof. One for perfect binding hard proof and one for wire-O binding or spiral binding PDF proofs. These will be sent to you for approval.

  • May I modify the artwork before I approve? If I modify, do you charge any extra cost?

Yes. You can modify the artwork before you approve or before we print. We do not charge anything extra. However, if we have already started printing and you want to modify after that, extra costs are associated.

Tell us what you need. We will get back to you within 24 hours. 

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