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Gate Fold Flyer Printing

Gatefold Flyer Printing

  • Double gate folding and parallel folding are available
  • Save more than 40% printing cost
  • Coated paper and uncoated paper, different thickness papers
  • 3-5 working days for mass production
  • Free artwork checking and modifying

In the case that you have many pages of design, but are not a great fan of printing brochures, gatefold flyers are the best choice. Gate fold flyers are also printed for various promotional methods, owing to it being a powerful marketing tool.

QINPrinting provides quality printing and professional customer services on gate fold flyers. Parallel folding or double gate fold are the main types of folding options that people choose when printing gate fold flyers. Close gate folding and 4 side panels are also popular options. We also provide free templates for your gate fold flyer.

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Keeping into consideration the large size and the many times’ gate fold flyers, the paper you choose should neither be too thick nor too thin. Choosing to do lamination on either one or both sides can be a powerful tool to make the folding lines look good. If you are new to the field of printing gate fold flyers, feel free to contact our experts. We are always happy to provide you with useful suggestions and expert advice.

Printing gate fold flyers are just a part of the many printing services that we offer. Others include printing accordion-fold flyer, 8.5″ x 11″ flyers, bi-fold flyers, trifold flyers to name a few. We also have the capacity to print catalogs, books, brochures, presentation folders, etc. Start printing with us right now to get the best gate fold flyers for yourself.

Gatefold Flyer Printing Example Specifications

  • Size: 25.5″ x 8.5″
  • Paper: 250gsm matte art paper
  • Printing: Full color CMYK printing
  • Surface: Matte lamination one side
  • Back process: Gatefold

Gate Fold Flyer Printing Tips

Firstly, before you design your gate fold flyer, please confirm which page would serve as the front cover and which as the back cover. It is important that the front and back covers are in the correct position after folding.

Secondly, whether you design a 3-part gate fold flyer or a 4-part gate fold flyer, make sure that you calculate the total width and then share that width to create similar individual part widths. Make sure that you keep an 8-15mm margin for each part after folding.

Thirdly, the common practice involves a gate fold flyer to be folded on the right side first, followed by the left side; however, you can customize this based on your preference. However, it is an important point to keep in mind as a reference of sorts.

Fourthly, most gate fold flyers use thicker paper. The choicest paper options include 200gsm, 250gsm or 300gsm gloss art paper or matte art paper. Therefore, we suggest that you also choose gloss lamination or matte lamination on one side or both sides. Otherwise, the folding lines will not look good, especially if you have a rich color background.

Next, we also provide die-cutting services for the flyer folding lines. Do not worry about your photo to be distorted or not connected after placing them across two pages. We will take care of that, and you have the liberty of designing what you like.

Finally, if you have used spot UV in your flyer, matte lamination needs to be done first. This is because spot UV looks shinier with matte lamination. For more surface options please check our Printing Guide.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can You Design a Gate Fold Flyer?

We are primarily an offset printing company, who excels at printing services. If you can provide us with the designing draft, we can edit on it and create sample designs for you. However, if we do provide designing services for you, we charge an extra fee for the service.

How Long Would You Take to Finish the Gate Fold Flyer Production?

It takes around 3-5 days for production after you have approved the PDF proof.

Can You Provide Gate Fold Flyer Samples?

Yes, we can provide you with gate fold flyer samples. However, a digital printer prints the sample. Mass products, on the other hand, are printed using an offset printer. The colors of digital printing and offset printing can be slightly little different.

What Is the Largest Width When a Gate Fold Flyer Is Opened?

The largest gate fold flyer width when opened is 34″ or 840mm.