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Food Catalog Printing

Food Catalog Printing

Food Catalog Quote

  • FSC certificate
  • More nature papers for choice
  • Printing all food catalogs with soy ink
  • Free catalog cover template and free artwork checking
  • Fast production time and delivery time
  • MOQ is 100pcs

We have printed a variety of food catalogs for overseas clients. Our customers are always satisfied with us, because of the high-quality food catalog and professional printing services that we provide. In addition, our printing costs are lower than your local printer by more than 40%.

Food Catalog Printing
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FSC Certificate and ECO-Friendly Printing

A food catalog must focus on the vibrant colors used and the process must also be ecofriendly. FSC certificate papers are available and we have an FSC certificate. Our catalogs are printed with the use of soy ink, which makes them friendly to the environment and the perfect item to use for printing food catalogs. All you need to provide us with is high-quality photos, and we will create the food catalog for you.

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We are an offset printer. Our MOQ is 100pcs. If the order quantity is more, the price that you get is lower. Meanwhile, we support a wide variety of services. These include custom design services. All you need to do is provide high quality photos and text. We also provide free artwork templates, free printing file checking, as well as dispatch services. All of these will make your printing process easy and fast.

Besides printing food catalogs, we also print product catalogs, clothing catalogs and so on. In addition, we print books, brochures, flyers, magazines, posters, presentation folders, etc. Feel free to contact our specialists online if you have any questions about the printing process.

Food Catalog Printing Specification

  • Size: 210X297mm
  • Cover paper: 250gsm uncoated paper
  • Printing: Full color printing
  • Interior paper: 100gsm uncoated paper
  • Printing: Full color printing
  • Interior page count: 80 pages
  • Cover surface: Varnishing
  • Binding: Sewn and perfect binding
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GMG ColorProof

To print a food catalog, showing the correct color is very important. It is true that the perfect photograph color will help a lot in increasing your sales. Therefore, color trueness is a major factor in making food catalogs work. We use a GMG ColorProof system for color control. This helps us in ensuring that the hard proofs color and the final product color are as closed as 95%. In order to make your catalog better, we recommend the most suitable paper to be used for printing. If you want to check, the many paper options that we provide you can avail of the free paper sample manual. However, you would have to pay for the shipping costs for the said manual. 

Food Catalog Printing and Binding Tips

Firstly, if the food catalog cover is made of uncoated paper, we do not suggest you do gloss lamination or matte lamination outside the cover. We suggest that you do varnishing. After doing lamination on uncoated paper, the cover surface does not look good and the natural paper gets covered, thereby ruining the feel. For thick uncoated paper, embossing is a better solution.

Secondly, we print all food catalogs and children’s books with soy ink. Moreover, we do not charge any extra cost for soy ink printing.

Thirdly, we have more than 10-years of experience in printing different catalogs. We will give you the best solution to different catalog styles. Most of the catalog printing processes are similar. However, for different industry catalogs, some specific differences need to be kept in mind. In this case, before you print the catalog, please contact our specialists. We can provide you with professional printing advice that will prove to be invaluable for you.

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