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Accordion Flyer Printing

accordian color brochure printingAccordion flyer printing also calls Z-folding flyer. You can easily imagine the appearance of accordion flyers as is suggested by the name. Accordion flyers are more attractive to consumers and thus lots of companies prefer such flyers to common flyers. It is easy to take and it contains more content. They are 4 panels or more. So many manufacturers design the accordion fold brochure with the product introduction. The small size accordion flyer is easy for packing into the box. Besides printing accordion flyers for product introduction, some companies do accordion flyers for the marketing activities. These kind of flyers are larger size to compare with product introduction. 

We print high quality accordion flyers from very small size to large size. The multiple folding can meet more than 10 times accordion brochure. Meanwhile, we can choose custom paper stock according to your accordion flyer design or folding option. You also can do UV coating, glossy coating, matte coating on brochure printed surface. More quality printing services, please contact our experts. We will provide better solution on doing accordion flyers. 

Besides printing accordion flyers, we also print other leaflets. For instance, bi-fold flyerstri-fold flyers8.5X11″ flyersgate-fold flyers etc. Meanwhile, we also print bookscatalogsbrochurescalendars and so on.

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Accordion flyer printing specification

accordion flyer printing       print accordian color leaflet

Open size: 22X8.5″

Folded size: 5.5X8.5″

Accordion flyer paper: 200gsm matte art paper

Accordion flyer printing: full-color printing (CMYK printing)

Flyer surface: matte lamination both sides

Flyer back process: cutting, die-cutting, and folding

Accordion flyer printing tips:

1, Design the accordion flyer, please make sure the front cover and back cover are in the correct position.

2, If the accordion flyer each part is the same size, please keep the same margin in each part. The margin size depends on the final size. The flyer final size is 8.5X11″, please keep the 15mm margin on each edge. For final size 5.5X8.5″ flyer, please keep the 12mm margin on each edge. If the final size is smaller than 5.5X8.5, please keep the 10mm margin or less on each edge.

3, If the folded parts are even number and you do gloss lamination or matte lamination, it can be done with both sides lamination or one side lamination. If the folded parts are an odd number and you do gloss lamination or matte lamination, it should be done both sides. Otherwise, after folding, the front cover is with lamination and the back cover is without lamination. It looks not good.

Special shape accordion flyer

To make quality higher accordion flyer, we do accordion flyer folding line by die-cutting. This process can keep the folding lines in the exact position. Whatever you select thin paper or thick paper, both can guarantee the final quality. After doing die-cutting, our workers fold by hand.

Because we do the accordion flyer folding lines by die-cutting mold. If you do the accordion flyer with a special shape, you don’t need to pay a more extra cost. We can do the mold with a special shape for each part. You only pay the extra die-cutting mold cost. So special shape accordion flyer is also economical. The special shape accordion flyer can stand out from the other printing products. After folding, it is easy to take.

When you design the special shape accordion flyer, we suggest each connection part should be at least 10mm. Otherwise, it will be broken or disconnected between two parts. Meanwhile, please keep each part shape the exact same in your design. After folding, each part can be covered well.

Package and special size flyer

After folding, we can pack each bundle with a plastic bag at 100pcs or 200pcs or according to your quantity request.

The largest flyer open width is 1000mm. If the width is larger than 1000mm, it should be connected by two sheets of paper.

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