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A2 Poster Printing

A2 poster printing

A2 posters are almost half in size when compared to their A1 counterparts, or 420X594mm to be specific, are the most common posters in printing. These posters are commonly used in restaurants, shopping malls and stores. Promotional activities like promoting a new product or service are usually part of this type of poster’s repertoire. Some of the things which A2 posters might promote may include new dishes on the menu in the restaurant, discount information posted at the elevator entrance of the shopping malls, or the activity information posted at the gate of the exhibition. A2 posters are a type of poster that can be found everywhere.

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We provide comprehensive services for A2 poster printing and custom poster printing. You can customize the size of the poster and choose from the wide range of paper weight and size choices that we provide.

Printing A2 posters is just a part of the many printing services that we offer. As has already been mentioned, other types include, printing A0 posters, A1 posters, 24X36″ posters to name a few. We also have the capacity to print books, brochures, flyers, etc. Start printing with us right now to get the best A2 poster for yourself.

A2 poster printing specification

A2 poster printing services   landscape poster printing    large format poster printing

  • Size: 594X420mm
  • Paper: 128gsm gloss art paper
  • Printing: Full-color printing (CMYK printing)
  • Poster surface: Matte lamination on one side

Poster printing artwork, paper and poster surface

  • The design plays a huge role in a poster’s success. A well-designed and novel content are some of the most noticeable factors of a poster and would strike a person the most about the brand image of a company they have never heard of before. While designing the artwork for your poster, please remember to add 3mm bleed on top, bottom, left and right. All photos should be of a high resolution, or at least 300dpi. Please do not use the images, which are downloaded from the website.
  • When it comes to A2 poster paper, you could choose from 105gsm, 128gsm, 157gsm, 200gsm gloss art paper, matte art paper or offset paper. Different weights of paper are used for different styles of poster printing. We will help you select the most suitable paper option based on your needs.
  • When creating the surface finish choosing from filmed lamination, embossing, hot stamping, varnishing or die-cut into different shapes, can be viable options.

Custom printing services

If you are in need of an urgent poster printing service before an exhibition or event, feel free to contact us. Our specialists can provide fast poster printing services and faster delivery for your ordered posters. We also have a lot of capability while shipping to other places. If you are an Amazon seller, we can help ship your posters directly to the Amazon warehouse. Are you an online seller? We can deliver your posters anywhere in the world, based on your delivery information. If you happen to be a retail seller, we can dispatch the posters individually for you as well.

We are an offset printer. Our minimum order quantity is 100pcs. The unit price is lower if you print in large quantities. Commonly, more than 500pcs is considered to be highly economical. Besides A2 poster, we can print any custom sized posters of your choice.

How we pack and ship the poster prints

We pack the poster with waterproof packaging paper and then pack the same inside a carton. Further security is provided with the help of a shrink wrap outside the cartons.

We provide both sea and air shipments for your order. FedEx and DHL are our partners for air shipment. If the total weight of your order is less than 200kg, air shipment is the suggested choice. However, if the weight exceeds the mentioned limit, choosing sea shipment is wiser. You need more information regarding our shipping methods, feel free to visit our shipping and packaging page.

Communicate with us your needs, we will get back to you within 24 hours. 

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