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24X36” Poster Printing

24X36" poster printingPrinting 24X36″ poster is the popular large size poster. We printed many 24X36″ posters for North American clients. Because of the high quality poster printing, we print the custom posters more and more. 

One of the posters printing function is to promote goods, services or specific information. For instance, promotion a new product or service, deliver a product or company brand image etc. Printing a poster to expand brand recognition and corporate brands could get the attention of passers-by. Improving corporate image and promoting corporate brand building is another role of poster printing. So that’s why the posters can always be anywhere at any time.

A poster is a kind of advertisement that can be posted on the street or performance venues. The poster with art design is also a kind of propaganda picture for film, drama, and sports. The language of the poster is concise, the form is novel and beautiful and it is easily accepted by most people. Poster design is one of the expressive forms of visual communication. It attracts people’s attention in the first time through the composition of the page. It does more than that.

Besides printing 24 x 36″ poster, we also print other posters. For instance, A0 posterA1 posterA2 poster etc. Also, we print bookscatalogscalendarsmagazinesflyers and so on. Check online printing quote, you’ll get price right now.

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Color poster printing specification

Color poster printing   custom full color poster printing   full color poster printing

Poster printing size: 24X36” or 610X914mm

Poster printing paper: 200gsm matte art paper

Printing: full-color printing one side

24X36″ poster printing tips:

1, 24X36″ poster is not the small size. We suggest the poster paper is 157gsm, 200gsm, 250gsm or 300gsm gloss art paper or matte art paper.

2, If you like a shiny poster, we suggest you print full-color poster printing with gloss lamination. If you like an elegant poster, we suggest you print full-color poster printing with matte lamination. If you like art poster, besides gloss art paper or matte art paper, you also can select offset paper or special paper.

3, We are an offset printer. Our MOQ is 100pcs. The more posters you print, the better price you get. To compare with digital poster printing, offset printing MOQ is more than digital poster printing. But offset printing can print large size poster, we have more papers can be printed, and the printing quality is better.

4, 24X36″ poster, it is a large size. So the photos or images on the poster should be in high resolution. The printing file should be a vector file. Otherwise, after printing, the images are with mosaic on the posters.

5, Some customers need a sun-resistant poster. We also can do 24X36″ sun-resistant poster. The sun-resistant ink is expensive. We will charge extra cost for it.

6, We pack the poster with the carton in flat. Each carton is 100pcs. We also can pack with a paper tube. For tube package, the shipping cost is more expensive.

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