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Shipping and Delivery

The US has 17 major ports which include the ports of Boston, Portland, New York, Charleston, Norfolk, New Jersey, Savannah, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New Orleans, Miami, Los Angeles, Seattle, Long Beach, San Francisco, San Diego, and Oakland. Canada has primarily 4 ports, namely Toronto, Vancouver, Halifax, and Montreal.

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To Major Ports in the USApproximate Shipping Time (Days)
New York25-30
New Jersey33
New Orleans33-37
Los Angeles16
San Francisco18
Long Beach15
Saint Diego23


To Major Ports in CanadaApproximate Shipping Time (Days)

Australia has 5 major ports and those include the ports of Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, and Freemantle. New Zealand constitutes of 3 major ports, which include the ports of Wellington, Auckland, and Lyttelton.

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To Major Ports in the AustraliaApproximate Shipping Time (Days)


To Major Ports in New ZealandApproximate Shipping Time (Days)

The UK has 8 major ports, which include Southampton, Felixstowe, Manchester, London, Plymouth, Belfast, Thames, and Liverpool.

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To Major Ports in the UKApproximate Shipping Time (Days)

American importers much pay heed to two important things. These include:

  • ISF- The ISF documents are submitted to the local customs before the sail of the cargo vessel. If not done, importers are liable to be fined.
  • Bond- A bond of import must also be present with the importers. The validity of the bond is dependent on the type of bond that you purchase. It can either be only for a one-time importing or can be valid throughout the year. If you want us to deal with this segment, the best that we can provide to you is a one-off bond.

For importers from Australia, the PACKING DECLARATION is provided by us when you get the BL. We are also capable of providing you with the CERTIFICATE OF ORIGIN if you need it. Let us know about the need for the CERTIFICATE OF ORIGIN, prior to the sailing of the cargo vessel.

The BL that is provided by us is normally Telex Released. In the case that you need the original BL, please let us know about the same before the sailing of the cargo vessel. We should point out that it is compulsory that you make it known to us that you need the original BL before the products are being sent or before the Telex Released BL is sent to you. You can only have one of the two versions and it wouldn’t be possible for us to provide you with the original once the Telex Released version has already been sent to you.

The main shipping partners that we have are DHL and FedEx. For America, it takes us 1-2 working days to ship a proof via air, while for Europe and Oceania, it might take somewhere in between 2-3 working days.

If the place of delivery is in a remote location within the country, an extra 1-2 days might be required for the package to be properly delivered to you. You can check the logistics information with the help of the tracking number, which we will provide to you after having shipped off the proof.

Our main air shipping partners are FedEx and DHL.


The average time taken by FedEx International Priority is 2-3 working days. The average time taken by FedEx International Economy is 4-6 working days.


It takes around 2-3 working days for the product to reach you if shipped by DHL. In the case that your delivery location is in a remote place, a few extra days might be taken. In the case that there is a need for customs declaration for your products, an extra 1-2 working days are taken up.

In the case that there is an overflow of products in the air shipping system, please search with the help of the logistics information provided to you on the official websites of DHL and FedEx. You will be provided with the tracking number, after we have shipped off your product, to help you check the logistics information.

Customs Clearance for shipping via sea takes around 1-2 working days in Shanghai after the printing of mass products has been finished. An additional 2-3 days is taken up for product loading. If the products are to be shipped via air, a time span of 1 day is taken up for customs clearance in Shanghai. If the cumulative cost of printing and shipping the products is less than $720 and the total weight is less than 70kg, there is no need to go through customs clearance in China.

Once the complete payment has been cleared, we provide a service of up to one year of free storage of your printed products. Within that time span of a year, we can ship and deliver your products to any location that you want us to. However, you are requested to pay for the actual shipping costs and the response that we have to assure, owing to the multiple dispatch instructions that you had placed with us.