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Sales Support

For any shipment made by air, we provide you with the tracking number for your shipping partners, FedEx and DHL, after having shipped the products from our facility. You can check the logistics information on their official website with the help of the tracking number, or contact their local branch and get the requisite information. For shipments via sea, we will provide you with the Telex Released BL upon clearance of balance. You can use this to check the logistics information with the freight forwarder or contact them with the help of the information provided on the BL. We always keep an eye on the delivery status from our end and can contact the delivery partner if you request us to do the same.

Multiple measures are taken from our end in order to ensure that your products are perfectly secured for shipment via both air and sea. In the case of sea shipping, if you have opted for CIF or DDU, we also take out insurance against any possible damages that might happen to the products. In the case that you have received a damaged product, the insurance company will pay compensation, which is equal to the cost of the products. We will provide you with a complete refund, once the compensation is received by us from the insurance company, or we can also reprint for you, depending on the option that you choose.

We have vast experience in printing and delivering products to a large number of customers throughout the world, which makes us worthy of your trust. You can also choose to place the order via our online store on Alibaba, which provides you with Trade Assurance for the order that you have placed.