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Production Time

Printing starts after we receive the deposit and you approve the PDF proof.

Flyer & leaflet

It takes about 3-5 days for printing products like flyers, leaflets.

Softcover Book, Catalog, Brochure, Booklets, Magazines

It takes about 5-10 days for printing products like booklets, brochures, magazines, catalogs and books which require saddle stitching or perfect binding and presentation folders.

Hardcover Book, Catalog, Brochure, Booklets, Magazines

It takes about2-3 weeks for hardcover books.

The time mentioned here does not include the time for shipment and customs clearance.

No, we don’t charge extra money for urgent orders. Before you place an urgent order, we’ll let you know the approximate production time for your products.  We will move forward only when it meets your requirement or you accept it.

We guarantee production time after clients finish all necessary procedures for us to start production. Hard as we try to meet the time frame for every job we take, delay can still happen. In the event of our failure to finish printing in time, we will give you a discount on your next job in compensation.

Besides, expected arrival date and delivery date is an estimate only. If some special reason cause delay shipping, we are not to be held responsible for any shipping delays. We don’t accept responsibility for any delays that happen after your products leave our facility. We hope you can understand.

To minimize any possible shipping delays, we have selected FedEx and DHL as our preferred shipping partners. We ship a lot each year and we can provide competitive prices, and we will spare no effort to work with you for timely delivery of your products.

It takes about 3 working days to print a sample which is saddle-stitched or perfect bound, about 5 working days for one which is sewn and perfect bound, and about 8 working days for one which is sewn and hardcover bound.

We have helped many clients with their urgent printing demand. If your order is urgent, please check with our specialists to see if we can help. Our record production time is 48 hours.