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Production Time

Once we have received the deposit, and you have approved the PDF proof, we start the printing process.

Leaflets and Flyers

A turnaround time of 3-5 days must be expected for the printing of leaflets and flyers.

Softcover: Magazines, Books, Booklets, Brochures, Catalogs

A turnaround time of 5-10 days must be expected for the printing of softcover magazines, books, booklets, brochures and catalogs

Hardcover: Magazines, Books, Booklets, Brochures, Catalogs

A turnaround time of 2-3 weeks must be expected for the printing of hardcover magazines, books, booklets, brochures, and catalogs.

No, there are no extra charges associated with the placement of urgent order. Before an urgent order is placed we make sure that you are notified of the approximate timeframe that would be required for the completion of your project. We proceed forward with starting the production process, only when you have approved of the timeframe and accepted the same.

We guarantee a turnaround time only after all the necessary procedures required to be fulfilled before the start of production has been completed by the client. However, it is worthy to note that although we try our best to complete the production process within the promised timeframe, delays can still take place. In the event that we have failed to comply with the promised timeframe, a discount will be provided to you as a form of compensation, for the projects that you avail from us in the future.

It is also important to note that the arrival dates and delivery dates are an estimate. The shipping is initiated by us, but the process is done by the shipping company, and any delays in shipping are something we cannot be held responsible for. We do not accept any kind of responsibility for delays that might happen once your product has already left our facility. We hope that you understand this statement.

In order to minimize any delays via shipping, our selected partners for shipping are DHL and FedEx. We ship a huge amount of products throughout the year, therefore, you would be able to avail competitive prices through us, and we leave no stones unturned in order to form a beneficial collaboration and ensuring timely delivery of your products.

For perfect bound or saddle-stitched samples, the average time taken is 3 working days. For products, which are to be sewn and perfect bound, the average time taken to produce a sample or proof is 5 working days, while the average time for the production of samples, which are sewn, and hardcover bound are 8 working days.

We have helped a large number of clients in the past to get their urgent orders completed on time. If your order is extremely urgent, we recommend you to get in touch with our specialists and figure out if we can provide assistance to you. The fastest production time that we have been able to achieve is 48 hours.