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Price and Quotation

You can easily get a quote online by clicking on the Quote section available on our website and filling up the requisite information for the same. Consecutively, you can also opt for an emailed response, by emailing us with the required information like binding style, page count, size, quantity, etc. and we will directly quote you within 24 hours on working days.

You have to provide us with such information before the start of the printing process and you might be required to pay extra if any changes are part of it.

The quotations that we provide you are inclusive of costs and prices associated with terms of EXW our factory, FOB Shanghai, CIF, and DDU. Further elaborations on these include:

  • EXW- EXW our factory price basically refers to the price that is exclusive of customs clearance costs and costs of shipping. If this price is the one that you had selected, then you would be required to pick up your finished products from our Shanghai factory directly.
  • FOB Shanghai- FOB Shanghai basically refers to the cost of us shipping the products to the port of Shanghai and doing customs declaration in Shanghai.
  • CIF- CIF price basically refers to the cost that you would incur for us to ship your final products to your local port. The cost is however exclusive of any prices that you incur at your local port as part of local shipping or local customs clearance.
  • DDU- DDU basically refers to us delivering your final products right at your doorstep, You would be required to unload the products by yourself, and the cost is exclusive of any tariff or tax that is incurred as part of charges by local authorities. It is recommended that you provide the address of a warehouse or company address, instead of your residential address to facilitate a smooth delivery.