Self-Publishing Book Printing

If you are an author or a book publisher, you will definitely need some book printing services. Book printing services can help you in printing your book in no time and that too with the best designs and bindings. You can print any type of books you want such as hard binding book, soft binding book, normal comic book, storybook and many more. The color and typeset that you are going to use will determine the overall cost of your printing. Also, the orientation of the book plays a deep part in the budget. Get in touch with a self-publishing book printing printing company for getting the best quote for your self-publishing book printing job.

Self-Publishing Book Printing

Types of self-publishing book printing:

You can opt for the printing of any kind of book. Let’s have a look at some of them.

    • Comic book: You can print your comic book easily from a printing company. You can choose from the various types as well such as saddle stitch comic book, paperback comic book, hardcover comic book and many others.
    • Children book: You can print any type of book for children using bright colors and unique typeset. Make sure that the ink you are going to choose is eco-friendly and not allergic to the small ones.
    • Coffee table book: You can print high quality of coffee table books. You can accompany them with texture paper cover or cloth cover as well. The paper quality of such prints is of very high quality and generally comes with super glossy finish.
    • Coloring book: You can print coloring books for kids. You can set the line width for each drawing which in turn will determine the overall cost.
    • Photobook: If you are a photographer and want to print your own book of photos, you can do that easily. Just give out your clicked photographs in the highest quality to the printing company and they will take care of the rest. You can set the paper quality and size of every photo as well.
    • Educational book: You can print educational books with various types of binding such as wire-O binding, hardcover binding, paperback etc.
    • Art books: You can print books of art by using the best quality of photos. You can incorporate high-end designs with them for giving the best look.

Options for bookbinding:

There are various types of bookbinding options:

    • Hardcover binding: You can use hardcover binding for art books, photography books, children books etc. They are great for premium quality books.
    • Saddle binding: It is the best option for comic books or books that are not very premium. You can use this type of binding for textbooks and coloring books as well.
    • Spiral binding: If you want your book to lay flat easily, spiral binding would be the best choice for you. You can easily turn the pages with the advantage of making the book completely flat on the surface.
    • Wire-O binding: You can opt for double wire binding or wire-O binding for cookbooks, textbooks, coffee table books etc.

What to do next for self-publishing book printing?

After you have determined your binding type and type of book, now you need to set the paper quality. You can choose from various types of paper such as normal, handmade, super glossy, wood free paper, textured paper, matte paper and many others. You need to select the typeset and contact the printing service company for printing. If you want you can also select the cover surface options for your book printing. If you have any photo to print in the book make sure that the photo you are going to send is in 300 dpi and not less than that.

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