Plastic Water Bottles Will Be Totally Replaced?

Plastic pollution has been a serious concern of the human. Because of the convenience and the cheap priceplastics become more and more popular and it will be very hard to stop.

So, the scientists are looking for something to replace the plastics which can be both practical and degradation rapidly to avoid the environment pollution.

Recently, a scientist from Edinburgh invented a special water bottle made by paper, and it will be degradation on the seawater in three weeks.

The special material of the water bottle mainly is paper and combines with a plant. The mechanism of degradation is the paper bottle will be eaten by microbes in the ocean.

Plastic water bottles will be totally replaced

The inventor is named James Long Croft who is only 27. He said the production of the paper bottle would not use the fossil dye.

The marine organism will eat them like food. And the paper bottle can neutralize acidic soil.

It is well to be reminded that there is no plastic in the paper bottle. Croft has done so many times experiments to select satisfactory materials to make the paper bottle.

Plastic water bottles will be totally replaced

The paper bottle has an inner waterproof lining which can be sealed, so as to keep the water in it and will not be metamorphic. In Appearance, it‘s just like the common plastic bottle. But when you throw it into the ocean, it will be degradation.

The paper bottle outer is recyclable paper and inner has a waterproof layer, so as to keep water fresh. It made by natural and continuable substances what makes researcher excited. Whether throw it into the ocean or waste landfills, it will begin to break down in a few hours and be fully decomposed in few weeks.

Plastic water bottles will be totally replaced

Plastic water bottles become one of the important resources. The searchers report that about 8 million tons of plastics go into the ocean every year. By 2050, the global plastic output will be over 500 million tons. This is like a truckload every minute.

Most plastic products are disposable, and they will exist for centuries.

Though the bottle is subversive in the industry, the cost of it is much higher than the common bottle. But the founder has confidence in it and he plans to create a company to produce the paper bottle. The company’s profit will be used as a charitable donation to help the African countries. Now he is raising money for commercialized production.

The founder said that we really hoped the paper bottle would go on the shelves as soon as possible. It is worth, even though it just reduces one plastic bottle.