How to Bind Printing Products – Binding Options

Before printing, we need to have a general idea of how we bind our products.
There are some normal binding choices. Saddle stitching, perfect binding, sewing, and perfect binding, hardcover and perfect binding, wire-o binding, spiral binding, etc.

Binding Options

I will show you the difference between them and will suggest which to choose for your products.

Saddle stitching is a popular choice. Most of the time, when the page amount is less than 32 pages, saddle stitching is the best and the only choice. Saddle stitching can make your products open wide. However, it’s a popular choice and it won’t show your products high end sometimes if there’s nothing on the cover.

Perfect binding is also a popular choice. People may think perfect binding will be more expensive than saddle stitching. However, the price is almost the same. For example, a 48 pages saddle stitching book’s binding fee is the same as a 48-page perfect binding fee. So if your book’s spine is over 0.12”, I suggest choosing perfect binding.

Sewing and perfect binding is also good choice. It can make your products open wide and look nice. If the inner paper is very thick, sewing and perfect binding is the best choice. It can make sure the inner won’t tear off and will make the inner open wide.

Hardcover and perfect binding is also popular choice. It will look high end and feel good. It’s a good choice for high-end products. However, hardcover and perfect binding take more time to bind. If you are in a hurry and need the products in a very short time, hardcover and perfect binding are not your best choice.

Wire-o binding and spiral binding are a little special. Not all products need this binding. It’s not cheap and does not look nice sometimes. The binding experience is very important for the binding factory. If they have a lot of experience with this kind of binding, there’s no problem. Wire-o binding and spiral binding make the products open wide. Although it takes more time to do than normal binding, it is worth it if you really need it.

These are some introductions about the binding. You can find the difference and what will make your products perfect. If you need some special binding, please ask them to provide the samples they did before. Seeing is believing.

By Daniel, Qinprinting

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