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Sports Magazine Printing

Publishing and printing a sports magazine is quite popular all over the world, due to the increasing love for sports and bodybuilding. As a professional offset printing company, QINPrinting provides quality printing products and customer services. Print with us, to get guaranteed satisfaction. You do not need to worry about the printing quality as we ensure that professional quality printing and services are provided to our customers at all times.

Sports Magazine Printing

We are able to print and deliver your magazines all over the world. Printing with us allows you multiple printing options with respect to paper-weight, binding methods and surface finish. We provide luxurious high gloss finishes on the cover and advertising pages. You may choose gloss or matte text paper for such results. You may contact our specialists to receive well-informed suggestions regarding your sport magazine printing.

Printing sports magazines is just a part of the many printing services that we offer. Others include, printing zine, advertising magazines, fashion magazines, auto magazines to name a few. We also have the capacity to print books, catalogs, booklets, presentation folders etc. Start printing with us right now to get the best sports magazines for yourself.

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Sports Magazine Printing Specification

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  • Size: 210X297mm
  • Printing: Full color offset printing (CMYK printing or 4-color printing)
  • Cover paper: 250gsm gloss art paper
  • Surface: Gloss lamination outside
  • Inner paper: 128gsm gloss art paper
  • Page count: 88 pages
  • Binding: Glue and perfect binding

Custom sports magazine printing design and artwork tips

Firstly, we are an offset printing company. To design your sports magazine, please make sure all the pictures are over 300dpi. If ensured, you can get high quality printing guaranteed.

Secondly, while printing sports magazines, some pictures might cross over two pages. Please make sure that the two pages do not separate the person’s face or important parts on the photo. If there are multiple images that cross over two pages, we suggest you choose sewn and perfect binding because sewn and perfect binding can ensure that the magazines will lay flat and your images will be well connected across the two pages.

Thirdly, please add a 3mm bleed on each page on the top, bottom, left and right. The bleed is placed to compensate for the cutting when it is bound. If some pages are full of pictures, please make sure that the finished picture’s size is exactly as you had envisioned.

Finally, we highly recommend that you use the InDesign software to design the magazine’s artwork. Please do not use Photoshop to design the magazine’s artwork. Photoshop is good for only images. It is not good for editing texts. InDesign software on the other hand is good for both.

Custom sports magazine printing paper and binding tips

To make sure the sports photos are shiny, we suggest that you select gloss art paper for the cover and the interiors. If you choose to do a magazine, which has less than 48 pages, opting for a saddle stitch would prove to be more economical. However, if you do a magazine, which has more than 48 pages, sewn and perfect binding is a better option.

For more tips on magazine printing, please visit our Printing Guide.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • How long is the production time for printing a sport magazine?

It takes around one week for magazine production after you have approved the proof. If the magazine is shipped by sea, it takes more than one month for it to reach from China to USA, Canada, Australia, etc. Therefore, before you choose to print with us for overseas orders, please ensure that you have enough time on your hands.

  • If the photos are low resolution, can you modify them to high resolution?

No. We cannot do that. We need all original photos to be in high resolution.

  • Can you design the magazine for us?

We are primarily an offset printer. If you can provide us with the design draft, we can edit the magazine according to your draft. However, if you ask us to create the magazine’s design, we cannot do it.

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