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Shipment Packaging Methods

Different packaging methods of Shipment

Shipment packages play a huge role in the shipment process. It helps the products to be safe during shipping. Following is a shipment guide. That shows the different package methods that are used for shipping:

Packaging Methods in Air Shipment of Mass products

Air shipment is an economical option in the sense that it transports the products in bulk in less time. It saves the delivery cost and time both. Following are the two package method options:

Basic Package Method

In the basic package method, the products are packed in cartons. The carton size is selected based on three things that are:

• Product size

• Product weight

• Product type

Hence, after considering these three factors the carton size is selected. It is ensured that the total weight of all the cartons is less than 150 kg. Generally, each carton is 16 kg. But if the product size is large then the cartons are less than 20 kg.
Moreover, in the case of Amazon shipment, we ensure the cartons are less than 150kg. In the basic package method of air shipping, the products are manually handled. Hence, the weight of less than 16 kg enables the workers to unload the products without any mishandling and damage.

Material and Size of Cartons for Basic Packaging:

The cartons used in the basic packaging process have 5 layers of material to make the carton of high quality and strong. This is the list of material layers that are used in such cartons:

  • Brown Kraft paper which is 200gsm.
  • B-flute corrugated paper which is 140gsm.
  • Cardboard paper which is 50gsm.
  • E-flute corrugated paper which is 140gsm.
  • Brown Kraft paper which is 200gsm.

With the combination of all these materials, the cartons of basic packaging are made strong enough to protect the products. Moreover, the size that is considered normal for a carton is 245x320x245mm. And the size of products that these cartons are used for have the sizes as follows:

  • 210x297mm
  • 148x210mm
  • 5×11″
  • 5×8.5″, etc.

Highlights of the Basic Packaging Method:

Step 1

Firstly, the product is packed with a layer of waterproof wrapping paper to keep the product safe from water. This waterproof paper keeps the product safe from dust and air particles as well.

Step 2

After this, the product is packed in a plastic bag to make 100% protection of the product against water or any contingency.

Step 3

After packing the products with these two layers it is placed in the carton. Then the carton is closed with tape to ensure that it does not open from anywhere during the shipping process or unloading.

Step 4

Lastly, the labels are given to each carton. Labels are put on at least two sides of the carton. So, that there is no confusion about the information when any one of the labels is damaged.

Advantages of Basic Packaging:

Following are the advantages of basic packaging:

  • Cartons are reusable. One does not have to throw them away after one use.
  • The cartons are strong and keep the product protected.
  • This high-quality packaging at a low cost makes brand equity in consumers’ minds. A high-quality experience of receiving the product makes the customer to be loyal to your brand.
  • Cost-effective options build a good image of the company using it and the manufacturers who produce it.
  • These cartons are easy to handle and lift.
  • These cartons are easier to store by stacking them.
  • These boxes save space, in the carrier or warehouse, wherever the cartons are needed to be kept.

Disadvantages of Basic Packaging:

Following are the disadvantages of basic packaging:

  • There is only a limited size, weight, and type of product. That can use these cartons of the basic packaging. Products with high weight and big sizes cannot opt for this option to cut costs. They had to go for other premium options.
  • There is still a risk of the carton boxes getting damaged from random places due to humidity or any other pressure.
  • In some cases, the cartons used are needed so frequently. That one has to restock them to keep the packaging process going.
Packaging Methods in Air shipment

Custom Packaging Method

This method is adopted, when the customer requires us to customize the packaging according to their guidelines. Moreover, custom packaging is done for products that cannot be packed in a basic carton box.

Highlights of the Custom Packaging Method:

Firstly, the main highlight of custom packaging is the products that are more prone to damage through shipping are packed with the following:

• PE foam

• Sponge

• Anti-collision protection

Other than these, if the customer wants to take extra precautionary measures then we also use corner protectors to protect all corners of the box.
Then we make sure that we supply the size of the carton as needed by the customers. In this custom packaging method, we use any size which our customers ask for.
After the material and size of the carton, we also make sure to follow the product quantity requirements. We only put the selected number of products in each box as our customers need.
We also customize the weight for each carton. We must follow our customers’ orders and pack the cartons in the specified weight. Moreover, we make sure that we provide customized labels as needed by the customers.
We not only customize the sticker but also provide the content they need on that sticker. Hence, the custom packaging process ensures proper labeling of the package so that there is no issue in the airport about the shipments.


• It helps to have an image of a professional business.
• It helps to give the customers a personalized packaging experience.
• It increases the brand presence.


• It is time-consuming as compared to basic packaging.
• It has a higher cost.

Package Methods in Sea Shipment

In case of shipments of heavy products in bulk, the most preferred mode of transport is by sea. In sea shipment, there are two types of packaging i.e. basic and custom.

Package Methods in Sea shipment

Basic Package Method

The basic package method used in sea shipment is also the same as air shipment. But the only difference here is this. We use pallets for carton packaging for sea shipments.

Highlights of the Basic Packaging Method

The pallets that we use in our shipping process are made up of plywood and man-made board. Hence, there is no need to get a fumigation certificate whenever you think to import to the US. Our pallets are of good quality. And more than 1000kg is the greatest loading capacity.

Moreover, there is a certain limit to the number of cartons on each pallet. Following is the list showing the number of cartons per pallet according to different pallet sizes.

  • Pallet of size 1200 x 1000mm, can load 15 standard cartons. But as there are 4 layers so in total 60 standard cartons are loaded on one pallet.
  • Pallet of size 1000 x 900mm, can load 12 standard cartons. But as there are 4 layers so in total 48 standard cartons are loaded on one pallet.
  • Pallet of size 900 x 900mm, can load 9 standard cartons. But as there are 4 layers so in total 36 standard cartons are loaded on one pallet.

We ensure that we follow the limits to the number of cartons per pallet. Moreover, we also use a plywood board. So that cartons cannot get damaged on the pallet while shipping.

After this, we label pallets from each side. So that one can see information from anywhere they want. Then we wrap the plastic film covering many layers from each side. To protect the pallet, cartons, and labels

Then for the final safety measure, we wrap many polyester straps. To keep the pallet, cartons, and labels intact tightly. So that there is no damage while shipment by sea.

Sea-shipment pallets

Custom Packaging Method

The second packaging type in the sea shipment of mass products is the custom packaging method. One has to customize their packaging method according to their customers.

Highlights of the Custom Packaging Method

Firstly, in this method, we can customize the size of the pallet according to the customer and their location, unlikethe basic packaging method where you have to follow a certain standard size.

No matter where you live whether it’s North America, Australia, South Korea or Europe, etc. We can deliver your shipment with a customized pallet size.
Moreover, we can also customize the material of the pallets, whenever our customers provide any specific guidelines about the material. The material option can be plywood, wooden, bamboo, etc.
After complying with the material need, we label the pallets. And customize their content according to the customers. We then stick them in any position as our customers need it to be.
In case, any customer needs a certain weight of the pallet. Then we customize the cartons and pallet in such a way that the weight does not exceed the amount informed by the customer.
Thus, whenever you need to ship your products via air or sea. And you need to package your products safely to their destination, either through basic packaging or custom packaging. Then contact us. We will follow all your instructions and guidelines. And give you a proper satisfying packaging experience.