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Wholesale Printing

Wholesale Printing

If you are looking for a wholesale printing company, you have come to the right place. We provide wholesale printing services for print brokers, design firms, print buyers and print middlemen. We print books, catalogs, booklets, magazines, calendars, and many more printing products at wholesale prices.


What Is Wholesale Printing?

Wholesale printing is where a company produces work for another business or individual who sells directly to its clients. The client of the wholesale printing supplier will receive their goods at discounted prices. This enables the print broker to add in a profit margin in return for providing sales and other services to their own clients. The relationship works well for both parties involved. The printing company receives regular work from a reliable source. This may mean they do not need their own sales force. It also means that the jobs are supplied in a professional format. Wholesale printing is also known as trade or reseller printing.

For the print brokers and other print buyers, it means they can develop a professional relationship with a printing company. They know they will receive their printing jobs on time, at the right price and at the highest quality. A reliable wholesale printing company will take the strain out of actually producing the job. The broker can then concentrate on selling the printing and services rather than worrying about the production.

Print brokers work with wholesale printers on many levels, depending on requirements. Some wholesale printers handle the complete process and delivery with whatever labeling is required.

This may include some interaction with the print broker’s client. In other situations, the wholesale printer may only be involved in one part of the process, for example, the actual printing.

Designers, print brokers, print buyers, and middlemen need a reliable provider for their printing requirements. Wholesale printing is also provided for other print companies. Sometimes this is because they are too busy or a particular job is not suitable for their set up. This means the printing company can still provide their clients with the print service and deliver the job efficiently.

Who Chooses Us for Wholesale and Trade Printing?

  • Print brokers
  • Other printing companies
  • Design and graphic firms
  • Advertising companies
  • Print buyers
  • Print middlemen

Why Choose Us for Wholesale Printing?

Competitive Prices

We can offer the best prices for designers, print brokers, and print buyers. We also offer an extra discount if you buy larger amounts of print each year. Our efficient ordering, production and delivery systems enable us to offer extremely keen prices.

High-Quality Guaranteed

At QinPrinting we own advanced state of the art printing and finishing equipment.

Stringent print management and quality controls are applied at all stages of the production process. The quality of our printing is guaranteed so you and your clients will be satisfied with the results.

Professional Services

We have more than 25 years’ experience in the offset printing industry.

We provide free artwork templates, free artwork checking and free artwork modifications.

Advice and help are always available from our knowledgeable and professional staff.

Fast Production Time

The production time for perfect binding and saddle stitch binding products is one week. If your order is urgent we can complete it within 5 days. Our factory operates 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. You can place your order at any time.  We understand delivery times are crucial for certain projects such as exhibitions or sales. We make sure your printed jobs are delivered on time and to the standard required.

Shipping and Dispatch

Your printed products can be shipped to you or directly to your clients. We will never contact your clients directly unless asked to do so by you. The printed products can be supplied under any labeling required.

Free Training Manual and Paper Samples

It is important to ensure the wholesale printing process is as efficient as possible to save time and costs. Therefore, the designer, print broker or middleman needs a good understanding of the process and how to provide files.

This helps the designer or print broker to offer the best service to their own clients. It also means that the wholesale printing company can be sure it will have the jobs presented to it correctly.

We can provide free training for you in the latest printing technologies and processes. This will increase your knowledge and help with dealing with clients. You can even come to our company to receive training! We also provide video training for you if required. Paper samples are also available for you and your customers to enable you to offer the best possible print service.

It is important for us to work closely with anyone we provide with wholesale printing products.

This enables us to develop a great working relationship with our clients.  And this ensures both you and your clients also receive the best service at the optimum cost.

Contact us to get the best wholesale printing prices!