The Future of Books: 8 Reasons Printed Books Are Better Than Ebooks in 2020

The Future of Books: 8 Reasons Printed Books Are Better Than Ebooks in 2020

The future of books has been a long debate ever since the debut of ebook readers. Despite the arguments, the sales of physical books remain on the rise. Why is that?

Even though ebooks offer the ability to read anywhere and give the user access to thousands of books at once, they can’t replace the feeling of running your fingers over the pages of a physical book. Physical books offer an experience and provide lasting memories. 

Ebooks aren’t as personal. This isn’t the only reason why bookstores and libraries are still a much-needed service. Keep reading to learn all the benefits of sticking with printed books. 

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1. Physical Books Are an Experience

For some people, there’s no replacing the feeling of their fingers running through pages or the smell of a new book they just bought yesterday. The experience that ebooks give feels a little cold in comparison. 

You have access to thousands of books, but it feels more like a transaction than a reading session. If you spend all day at work staring at a computer you don’t want to come home and stare at more screens, you would rather give your eyes a break. 

With physical books come memories as well. Nothing can replace that beat-up copy of Pride and Prejudice that you’ve had since high school or your copy of Harry Potter that your little sibling drew a doodle in. 

2. They’re Sharable 

You just got done with a good book and you want your best friend to read it, so you have someone to discuss it with. Print books make this is easy. All you have to do is hand your friend your copy the next time you see them. 

Electronic books make sharing more complicated. First, you’ve got to question if your friend even has an ebook reader.

If they do and you want your friend to read the book without paying for it, you’ll have to give them your account information. Even if you trust the person, you may not like the idea of sharing your personal login. 

3. Annotating and Studying Is Much Easier 

Having a physical book doesn’t only make personal reading more enjoyable. It also makes academic reading easier. Your ebook reader will allow you to do a little highlighting and make small annotates, but it’s limited. 

You can dog-ear pages, highlight paragraphs, make personalized notes in different colors, draw symbols, and make any other marks will help you retain the information in your print book.  

With physical books comes better focus as well. Ebooks contain links and little help features that can derail your brain from studying. When you’re holding a paper textbook in your hand, there’s just you and the pages. 

4. No Electricity Required 

You head out with your family on a long road trip. You brought your ebook reader because as much as you love talking to your parents, there comes a time when you run out of stuff to discuss. 

About halfway through the drive, your ebook reader’s battery dies. Now you have to figure out a different way to entertain yourself for the remaining four hours on the road. 

This is a scenario that you never have to worry about with paper books. There’s no charging or electricity required.

You can relax in the bathtub knowing that if you drop your book, you can always save it with a hairdryer. The same can’t be said about your electronic book.  

5. It’s a Cheaper Method of Reading 

If you’re only a casual reader, ebook readers aren’t worth the investment. You’re going to spend well over a hundred dollars on a device that you’re not going to use that often. 

You would be better off spending fifteen to twenty dollars buying a physical copy of the books that you’re interested in. 

6. You’re Supporting Writers 

With the rise of ebooks, many authors have taken to going through self-publishing to get their work out there. It’s easier than going through a normal book publisher, but the royalties aren’t near as good. 

It makes it harder for these new authors to make a living doing the thing that they love and publishing more work. If you want to support some of these starving writers rather than a big corporation, buy a physical copy of their book when it comes available. 

7. No Need to Worry About Thieves 

Nobody’s going to break into your car to steal your copy of Catcher and the Rye. Well, they might. It depends on how much of an avid reader they are. 

More thieves are going to worry about stealing something that they can sell for a high price. If you leave your Kindle or iPad in the front seat of the car, you may come back to a busted window and no device. 

8. Print Books Are Better for Your Health

Most ebook readers emit a light. Taking in too much of this light before you go to bed will make it hard for you to fall asleep at night. Without sleep, you’ll be impossible to work with the next morning, and your anxiety levels will be higher than ever. 

Ditch that sleep interfering device and reach for a paper book instead. They don’t emit light, and curling up with a book is the perfect way to wind down after a long day.  

The Future of Books Is Printed 

No matter how much technology evolves, there is one constant in this world. Paper books. Despite the rise of ebooks, physical books are still selling like hotcakes. It looks like the future of books is comprised of ink, fond memories, and well-worn pages. 

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