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A Look Into the History of the Beloved Coffee Table Book

92% of college students prefer real-life print coffee table book than online digital books. Surprised? For many people, the digitization of information would render print moot. But It seems that the advent of digital books has not lessened the value of physical copies, but actually made them more appreciated.

The physical books people own are an indication of what’s important to them and what they’re interested in. A coffee table book, in particular, is a way for people to point guests and visitors towards an understanding of their personality and taste.

coffee table book

So common and often overlooked, coffee table books are a staple object in living rooms across the country and world. But where did the idea of coffee table books come from and what is their history?

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Publishing a Children’s Book in 8 Simple Steps: Your Ultimate Guide

Few things make as big of an impact on children as books. The power of a story teaches them to imagine fantastical worlds and develop empathy all while learning valuable life skills.

Many parents, teachers, and other creative folks dream of having their own stories live on in a child’s imagination. But if you’re new to the world of writing, publishing a children’s book can seem like a complicated process.

If you’ve always wondered how to publish a kid’s book but weren’t sure where to start, keep on reading for eight steps that will help you realize your dreams of becoming an author.

publishing a children's book

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What Is The Best Way Of Printing A Comic Book?

If you find yourself wondering about the question of, “what is the best way of printing a comic book”, then you will need to first consider a number of different things. The best way to print a comic book will largely vary depending on the genre of comic in question, however, the number one piece of advice would always be for customers to get their comic book published by a skilled and experienced team of comic book printing companies such as ours at QINPrinting.

Printing A Comic Book

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Make a Coffee Table Book: How to Create Your Own Design

Ever felt like creating your own coffee table book? Then you’re in the right place. Read on to learn how to make a coffee table book of your own.

Coffee table books have been around for less than a century. Take a look at a list of the best coffee table books and you’ll see they’re full of potential. From photography to history to automobiles, there’s a little something for everyone.

But since it’s a young and evolving art form, there isn’t a lot of information available if you want to make a coffee table book. This could lead to some problems down the road. Without strict design principles, your book might never be fit for publishing.

If you’re interested in making your own book, look no further. This guide will cover the creative and technical aspects of professional book design.

make a coffee table book

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How to Make a Catalogue Stand Out

When you’d like to take your marketing to the next level, don’t shy away from going back to basics. Print marketing is still a great way to attract new customers and process orders.

Today, close to 170 million people make purchases from catalogues. When you want to put together a catalogue in a way that is best for your company, your print marketing campaign will be a success.

how to make a catalogue

Use the tips below to learn how to make a catalogue that counts.

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