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How to Make a Catalogue Stand Out

When you’d like to take your marketing to the next level, don’t shy away from going back to basics. Print marketing is still a great way to attract new customers and process orders.

Today, close to 170 million people make purchases from catalogues. When you want to put together a catalogue in a way that is best for your company, your print marketing campaign will be a success.

how to make a catalogue

Use the tips below to learn how to make a catalogue that counts.

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How to Print Your Own Paperback Book?

Are you planning to print your own paperback book? Do you know how to do that? Here is a guide for your reference.paperback-book-printing

Get a draft before printing your own paperback book

Generally speaking, people who want to print their own paperback books will first get a draft of the book so they have all the information that is needed to get a quotation for the printing project, which includes the size of the book, the page count of the book, the quantity they’ll print and the shipping address.

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What’s the difference between offset printing and digital printing?

We call offset printing traditional printing and digital printing personalized printing. Offset printing needs to produce CTP (computer-to-plate), but digital printing doesn’t need to produce any printing plates.

QINPrinting printing machine


If you print more than 200pcs, offset printing is more competitive. That means offset printing is better for printing large quantity. If you print less than 100pcs, digital printing is a better choice. Digital printing is suitable for small quantity printing and personalized printing.


Offset printing should produce CTP, from plate to a rubber roller, then to the paper. For offset printing, the prepress process is very important, especially the artwork checking before printing mass products.

Offset printing can produce sharp and clean images. And offset printing can print on the paper from 64gsm paper to 400gsm paper. Offset printing is the cheapest printing method with high quality printing in commercial printing and publishing printing.

Even though eBook is developing well, but in recent years, offset printing didn’t decline in China.

Digital printing is a higher price per page than the offset printing method. If each print is changed, digital printing is the best choice. Digital printing also has advantage in large format printing. Because digital printing doesn’t need to produce a printing plate, the delivery time is fast.


Offset printing: high quality, quantity 200-50000pcs, low cost.

Digital printing: regular quality, small quantity, high cost.


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