Printing in China, Deliver to Your Door All Over World

Printing in China is the best solution for any printing jobs or any printing projects. It includes paper printing products and commercial printing business with offset printing. For instance, printing books, catalogs, calendars, booklets, magazines and paper package. The prices are more competitive in China when the quantity is more than 100pcs. More and more overseas customers print their products in China. Few years ago, many overseas buyers purchase large quantity orders in China. But more and more publishers and small companies buy short run printing products from China. Because Internet makes business online easily. Cross-border e-commerce develops well and international logistic is fast and effective. The overseas customers don’t need to keep more products in their warehouse. For short run order, they can buy more times and sell more different products.

From short run order to large quantity, all printing in China is cheap and competitive in all over the world. Here are some main reasons.

hardcover book printing

Firstly, Full production chain

Chinese printing industry has developed very well from 1980s. And then there are more printing companies set up.  Till now China has huge printing factories. Many printing factories have their feature to fit different markets. So it has full printing process chain in China. From prepress, printing, binding, package and logistic, more and more suppliers can do excellent printing products. More printing companies, more competitive. But customers can get more benefits. Meanwhile, many printing products include some small accessories. Those small accessories also can be bought in China with lower price and good quality.

Secondly, Perfect supporting facility

Infrastructure construction is developed very well in China. It includes freeway, sea port, airport, public transportation for local and international shipment. Full and perfect facility in China is the international shipment guarantee. Huge sea and air shipment are leaving and delivering to all over world every day. Because the big amount sea and air shipment, the logistic time is quick and logistic cost is lower.

Thirdly, Hardworking and experienced workers

Chinese workers not only have enough printing experience, they are also hardworking. We are proud of saying that Chinese workers are the most hardworking in the world. Our factory works 7 days a week and 24 hours per day. The professional printing services can make printing process quick and easily. We produce all commercial printing products in short time. We can finish within one week for the perfect binding products. And we can finish with a shorter time for saddle stitch products.

brochure booklet printing

4th, Printing in China with more advanced equipment

From 1990s Chinese printing companies imported more advanced prepress, printing and binding machines. Those advanced machines are the quality products and effective production time guarantee. From printing to package products, you can find printing manufactures easily in China. For commercial printing, the popular machine brands are Heidelberg, Komori and Mitsubishi in China. For paper package printing business, the popular brand is KBA and Roland. You can find all famous printing machines in China. Chinese printing factories invest more money printing machines to produce high quality products.

5th, Tax refund for exporting products

For printing products, we can get tax refund for exporting. We deduct the tax refund in the total cost. So our client can get better price than local customers. That’s why exporting price is lower in China. Printing children books and education books are also tax free for importing from China.

children book printing

6th, Strict management system

Chinese private printing industry has developed 40 years. The private manufacturers have rich experience on printing services, quality control and management. We are proud that there are the best printing manufacturers in China. And we are one of the best printing companies of them.

7th, Cross-border e-commerce

Recent years, cross-border e-commerce developed fast and well in China. The overseas buyers don’t need to go to the factory for short run orders or large orders. More and more sellers can do business online. It can not only save more money and time, but also save more labor for sellers and buyers. It is effective for printing business. The online platform gives the buyer guarantee. For instance, Alibaba Trade Assurance, Amazon or more.

From the reasons above all, you may find that printing in China will be the best solution in the world. We can meet all your request like best printing quality, competitive price and fast delivery. Why don’t print in China? Let’s start and print in China! Contact us if you have any question!