How Do You Confirm the Printing File Before Printing the Mass Product?

Some companies will print books, catalogues, brochures etc in other countries.
But how do you confirm the printing file before printing the mass product?

confirm the printing file

Here are some suggestions to confirm the printing file

1. Asking the printing company do a sample before printing the mass product.
Before printing the mass product, many customer would like to see what will the products will be. Asking a sample is a good choice. It will show you how it looks like. Maybe some designs looks good on screen, but not good after printing.
However, some books or  catalogues  have special back process, such as UV, gold foil stamping, debossing etc. These kind of special back process can also be done on the sample, but it will be expensive. Because the printing company need to do plate for these special back process. If you do need to see, I’m afraid you have to add some sample fee.

2. Asking a hard proof.
A hard proof is a kind of proof which is printed by hard proof printer. Some hign end printing company have this kind of printing machine and they have one kind of color system can make sure the color will be almost the same with the mass product.
Although the paper won’t be the same, but the color is almost the final color you will see.
When you only need to see several pages or all the pages, you can ask a hard proof.

3. Asking PDF proof.
A PDF proof is checking on computer. The printing company will do a PDF proof before printing the mass product. You can see the page order, the bleed lines etc. It’s the easiest way to check the artwork. And most of time, it’s free.

Here are the 3 ways I suggest. I hope that will help.