How Do We Lower Printing Products Price?

From 2016, Chinese government started governing pollution problem. Many paper manufacturers produced less and small paper manufacturers were closed. How do we lower printing products price?

Till now the paper price has been increased more than 50% from the beginning of 2016. The carton box price was increased more than 70% from last year.

Chinese government governed pollution problem, it also affected printing industry. The printing manufacturers have to buy the machines to recycle the water. Some small printing manufacturers were also closed.

lower printing products price

For large quantity book printing or catalog printing or magazine printing, it impacts more. Because the paper price is the main factor in the total price.

To cover the increased paper cost, our company improved our productivity and efficiency and cut part of our profit to make our clients get better price and lower printing products price. So our final products increased not much.

Anything has advantages and disadvantages. Currently we give our clients lower price to compare with other printing manufacturers, the result is we get more orders.