Get Started with 2019 Calendars Printing In China

It’s October now. Only 2 months are left of 2019. Considering the time for file preparation, production and shipping, it’s definitely time for you to get started with 2019 calendars printing in China! There are 3 types of most common calendars, namely saddle-stitched wall calendars, tent-styled desk calendars and 3-month wall calendars.

Saddle-Stitched Wall Calendars


2019 Calendars Printing

Feature: popular; suitable for individuals and companies
Regular sizes: 11X8.5″ and 12X12″
Normally there are 14 sheets (28 pages), one for front cover, one for back cover and twelve for date sheets. For the date sheets, on the one side is dates of a month and on the other a picture. Since the calendar is to be hung on the wall, the paper cannot be too thick. 128gsm is enough.


Tent-Styled Desk Calendars

Feature: luxurious; more suitable for companies
Regular size: 245X170mm (date sheets), 245X190mm (calendar frame)
Normally there are 7 sheets (14 pages) or 14 sheets (28 pages). For 7 sheets, on both sides of the 6 sheets are dates of months. And for the 14 sheets, the situation is similar to saddle-stitched wall calendars. For the frame, we use 157gsm coated paper, 2.5mm-thick grey board and 100gsm offset paper. The calendar is wire-o bound at the top and stands like a tent.

3-Month Wall Calendars

2019 Calendars Printing

Feature: purposeful; more suitable for companies, especially those engaged in logistics
Regular size: 320X168mm (date sheets and header board), 320X176mm (3 supporting panels)
Normally there are 3 sets of dates sheets, 12 sheets for each set. The first set starts from December of the previous year and ends at November of The Year, the second starts from January of The Year and ends at December of The Year, and the third starts from February of The Year and ends at January of the following year. For the header board and supporting panels, we use 300gsm C1S paper and for the date sheets we use 80gsm offset paper.

2019 is drawing near. Time is pressing. You need to start your 2019 calendar printing project now! Get a template from us to fit in your design or ask us to design the calendar for you. Important thing! Such services are free if you print with us!