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Education Book Printing

education book printing

We have a lot of experience with education book printing for education organizations and self-publishers. Owing to the quality printing services, which we provide, we have secured a stellar reputation for ourselves in front of our customers. Other benefits of choosing us include competitive prices, short production time and fast delivery time. Our professional customer services make your printing project fast and easy. Online printing quotes can help you get instant price and make the process transparent from the beginning. By choosing to print education books in China, you can save more than 40% when compared with the prices charged by your local printer.

The demand for education books printing has always been very high. We have many repeat clients who print education books from us including projects, which are for short order as well as bulk. We have accommodations for both B/W education book printing and color book printing, depending on the request that you place with us.

Communicate with us your needs, we will get back to you within 24 hours. 

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We have advanced sheet-fed lithograph presses and experienced printing experts, who ensure a great printing experience. Therefore, we can do great printing; have great quality control and provide brilliant binding quality control. For each and every education book printing order that you place with us, you can customize the size. You can also customize binding methods as we have many to choose from. These include saddle stitch, perfect bound, hardcover bound, spiral bound, etc. In addition, we have more paper stocks for book cover and book interior pages, which allows us to work within all budgets. You may also choose the book cover with gloss finish, matte finish and UV coating. It makes the book cover vibrant and colorful. All these features make the printed book meet your project vision, while providing additional quality and appeal.

Besides printing education books, we can also print other types of books. These include children book, hardcover books and paperback books, etc. In addition, we print catalogs and brochures as well, amongst other things. We always encourage you to contact us.

High quality full color student book printing details

  • Education book size: 8.5X11”
  • Printing: full color offset printing (CMYK printing or 4-color printing)
  • Cover paper: 300gsm gloss art paper
  • Cover surface: gloss lamination outside cover
  • Interior paper: 100gsm offset paper
  • Interior page count: 296 pages
  • Binding: sewing and perfect binding

Printing custom education book design tips

Following are few custom education design tips

  • Primarily, most educational books’ content includes a lot of details. These details may include texts, graphics, and pictures. For best print quality, the texts and tables should be designed in a vector format and be 100% black. Small texts and tables should not be in CMYK colors. Since we need vector graphics and text for printing, designing with software like Adobe Illustrator is the best choice. Adobe Photoshop is better for designing photos. We recommend you use InDesign software to design the interior artwork, as it allows for easy adjustments. For actual text content, tables, and other things, use InDesign. Using InDesign will speed up the whole process, allowing you to get your book printed sooner than usual.
  • Secondly, page numbers should be on the cutting edge or at the bottom of the middle area. Please do not place the page numbers on the spine side. Moreover, keep odd page and even page numbers consistent. It is important to always keep them on the same side. For instance, odd pages should be on the right and even pages should be on the left.
  • Finally, if your education book requires perfect binding, please keep at least 15mm margin for all graphics. For wire-o or spiral bound education books, please keep 23mm margin on the spine side.


Custom student book printing, paper and binding tips

Some education books have the facility for the students to be able to write on the interior pages. For such books, select offset paper for the inner pages. This is so because these pages will reduce a pen’s bleed through to the other side. You should opt for using a little thick paper. For instance, 100gsm offset paper are a great choice.

The inner pages are not rich in ink; therefore, using 80gsm-offset paper is better.

If the book interior is not for writing, but only for reading, using 105gsm or 128gsm gloss art and matte art paper is an ideal choice, owing to the fact that the color on coated paper comes out the best. These paper types are also good for printing photos.

Secondly, a standard educational book size is 8.5X11″, 210x297mm, 6X9″, 5.5X8.5″ and 148x210mm. The size of 8.5X11″, 210x297mm, 5.5X8.5″ and 148x210mm are the most cost efficient. In addition, we can also do custom size books if you so desire.

Thirdly, if you publish a set of education books and plan on selling the set of books together, you might create a case to hold a set of books. We also provide services for shrink-wrapping a set of education books together. Bar code stickers on the case or out on top of the shrink-wrap are services, which we provide in addition to the aforementioned perks.

Finally, if you sell the books in Amazon, please send us the FBA code for package. We can ship the books to the Amazon warehouse with your given specifications.


Book copyright protect

We are an offset printer. We supply printing products and printing services. However, we cannot provide ISBN. You need to apply ISBN by yourself. We have book printing license and exporting printing license. We can guarantee we protect the book copyright for all prints once you have applied for the ISBN by yourself.

Therefore, if you are planning to print your education books in China, feel free to contact us right away.