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Custom Chips

custom chips

Custom chips are one of the preferable components of custom board games. As the custom chips take less space on board games and they are easy to collect by the players. We support custom game chips and make you get your custom chip design turn into reality. There is a variety of materials and colors in which these custom chips can be made. 

custom chips

Different Material Used for Custom Chips

There are varieties of materials that can be used in the making of custom chips. Following is the list of materials:


plastic chips

It is the most common material used for custom chip making. People prefer this material for easy handling and keeping. In the case of kids’ board games, this material is the safest option as it cannot hurt any player while playing with them.


wooden chips

In some cases, a designer can prefer a wooden custom chip to maintain the aesthetic of the game and the theme. It creates a good image. That how important it is to customize each element of the game according to the theme.

Clay Composite

Clay Composite Chips

Clay composite is a material that can be used for the custom chip. It helps in making a good quality custom chip. They allow you to add your artwork on both sides of the clay composite chip.

Different Colors of Custom Chip

Different colors are used for your custom chips. Following is the list of some common colors that are used:

red chips


blue chips


yellow chips


green chips


black chips


These colors are also called the traditional colors of a custom chip. You also can choose any other colors to match your game theme and design. The color you prefer, we can do for you. 

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