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How to Package and Protect Books for Shipping

Most people don’t ask a question often– how to package and protect books for shipping? So when they need to transport books, there will be many problems, not only the risk of damage to books. As a book printing company, we usually need to pack a large number of books, so there are several simple skills to share with you to ensure that your books are safer and easier to transport.

package and protect books

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What kind of products are suitable for printing in China

In order to low the cost for printing, more and more companies and publishing companies start to print in China. There are many experienced workers in China Printing companies. And many China printing company equip many advanced machines. Their printing quality is great. Therefore there are many kinds of products are suitable for printing in China.

However, not all the products are suitable for printing in China. Except printing cost, there are shipping cost, time cost etc. I would like to talk about this from different factors.

printing in China

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In This E-Age What We Print

With the popularization of the Internet, traditional media has suffered great impact in this e-age. People used to get information from books, newspapers, magazines, radio and TV. With the development of the Internet, people relies more and more on smart phones, computers, and other electronic devices. That has become the main source of information without doubt.

In this e-age, people release news online, advertise online, share knowledge online and chat online. It looks like almost everything can be done online. Then where is the printing industry, one of the most traditional industries going against such a background? What do we, who haven’t run away from the printing industry, the offset printing industry, to be more specific, print nowadays?

To be frank, I haven’t been engaged in the printing industry for too long. In my years of practice up to now, clients are mostly looking for book printing, catalogue printing, brochure printing, magazine printing, calendar printing, flyer printing, and presentation folder printing. For some of those, there is a comparatively steady demand in the global market. For others, the demand is becoming smaller and smaller although it never disappears.

Catalogue printing in this e-age

Speaking from my experience, catalogue printing stands the highest. Those large companies tend to print catalogues in large quantities and send them to their distributors or customers. Many catalogues are to be assembled with the products first and then sent to customers. Some may stay in the shop and work when customers come in person. The middle- and small-sized enterprises and the new companies also seek for catalogue printing but usually in smaller quantities.

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Print your own children’s book

Have you ever think about that to print your own children’s book? You may be a children’s book author and you have written many children’s stories, but can’t find right way when you want to print them out. Or you published children books and they couldn’t satisfy you. It does involve a lot of problems like book size, book cover, book binding and other problems. You will find answer after reading this post.

Print your own children's book



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Samples before printing the mass products

Most of people would like to see how the products look like before printing. So they need samples before printing the mass products
Some of them need the paper to be great. Some of them need the color to be exactly the same color with their design.
Here are some ways to help you to make sure the mass products will be perfect.

Print books, catalogs, magazines with offset printer

Samples before printing the mass products

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