How to Design Offset Printing Artwork for Printing Book in China

More and more people love offset printing’s quality. But most of them don’t know how to design offset printing artwork.
Let’s talk about how to design offset printing artwork.

 design offset printing artwork


How do you design offset printing artwork

Here are some normal matters needing attention

  1.  You need to provide files in PDF or AI format for printing.
  2. The artwork should include a 3mm bleed on all four edges of the pages for binding purposes. The bleed is for cutting.
  3. The resolution of the artwork should be as close to 300dpi as possible and no less than 150dpi. In this case, the book will be printed clearly.
  4. Avoid using four colors for narrow lines in the artwork. Try to use a single color instead.
    This can make the narrow lines the color you need.
  5. For the book cover, some company can provide a template with bleed and spine for you to fit in your design after they know your book specification. This is a quite book printing service if it’s free.
  6. Crop marks should remain at least 3mm away from the finished framework for binding purposes.
    These are some basic file requirements for offset printing. Maybe there will be some other requirements according to different back process.

Secondly, let’s discuss about which software is the best for designing a book.

Some people use Words, PowerPoint. These are easy for type and page layout design. But when the pages change from Words to PDF file, the color will be changed a little. Some person use Photoshop. But Photoshop is to design pictures, not design books or catalogs. InDesign is the best software to design books or catalogs. The software is created to design books or catalogs. It’s a very professional designing software. It can make all the books well designed. You can use Photoshop to design pictures and design books by InDesign.

Finally, here are some suggestions for how to make sure the printing file will work.

  1. Tell them the specifications in advance and ask the offset printing company whether they can give you a design template or not.
  2. After designing several pages, you can contact with the offset printing company and ask them to check whether these pages are good. If these pages are good, just move forward. If these pages are not good, you will know how to adjust.
  3. Before printing, ask them check the artwork to make sure the artwork will works.

Here are suggestions for offset printing file. Hope these will help.