How to Choose the Right Standard Poster Size?

Are you someone who is confused between different poster sizes? Do you want to find a standard poster size for your designs? If you said to both these questions then keep scrolling down because we have just the solution you have been looking for.


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What are posters used for?

Different posters have different usage, depending on the reason you are using them, how many you need, the budget etc. At QINPrinting, the more posters you print, the lower the unit price will be.


Here is an online poster calculator:


Posters can be used for the following reasons:

  1. Advertising
  2. Upcoming event marketing
  3. Product shows

How to choose the right size for the poster?

The most standard poster sizes are:

    1. 11×17
    2. 18×24
    3. 24×36

Besides these sizes, similar sizes are also popular.

Such as:

    1. 12×18
    2. 16×20
    3. 17×22
    4. 24×40
    5. 27×40

Common Poster Sizes

Here is a list of the standard poster sizes that you can choose from:


1. Small: 11×17 Poster Size

If you are looking for the smallest size for a poster, 11×17 is the one for you. If you want to go smaller than this size, know that it will not look like a poster. It will be more like an A4 paper hanging on your wall. So, keep that in mind if you plan to go smaller than this small standard poster size.

This small standard poster size is ideal for hanging indoors as a notice poster. You can also use it in your events to advertise an important announcement. This size is more attention grabbing and it will give the announcement a more formal look than an A4 size paper.

You can easily place an 11×17 poster in your lounge or waiting room area to put up a piece of information you would like others to be aware of. They can also be placed inside bathrooms or near the water dispenser.

You must get an 11×17 poster printed with bold designs to make it stand out and more noticeable. This standard poster size is popular for events and easy to see on community boards.


2. Medium: 18×24 Poster Size

If you are looking for a medium standard poster size then you should opt for 18×24 inches. This size can be displayed both indoors and outdoors. It is quite a nice size for any project that you might have. The best part about these sized posters is that they can easily be seen from afar. You can also get the poster framed in this size. Therefore, if you are looking to get an 18×24 poster, you should get it done from us.


3. Large: 24×36 Poster Size

If you are still looking for a bigger poster size then you should consider getting a poster made in 24×36 inches. These dimensions are the largest when it comes to poster sizes. If you look at most outdoor posters, they are this size because of the dimensions that make the readability of the posters better for everyone. You can also find different framing options for this poster size. You can include images, movie posters, etc. that you might like. Get yours printed today!


Are there other poster sizes?

The above-mentioned posters are standard sizes. However, they are not the only poster size options that are available. You can opt for other sizes as well.


For large size posters, 27×40 inches is a popular size. All of these sizes are good to share important information. For example, celebrity posters hanging in a college or an announcement board near the signal.


Apart from all the above-mentioned poster sizes, if you still have a dimension that you would like us to custom make for your poster design needs, we will be happy to do it for you.


There is another way of making sure that you get a poster according to your desired dimensions, which is using large format printers. With the help of large format printers, you can cut your poster as per your needs.


You must pick a poster size that can cater to your various needs. It means that the size you pick should not only appear to be a good poster size but, it should also be feasible for printing, framing, displaying and sending the poster to someone else.

design a poster

How to design a poster?

When you are designing a poster, make sure that you give the most attention to the information that you want to put on the poster. After all, there is a reason why you are getting the poster made. Do not deviate from that reason and make sure you send out a strong message through the poster you are getting designed. When you are choosing the font of your poster design, make sure you choose a font that is visible to your audience.


Do not opt for fonts that might look pretty on paper but would not be readable for others. If that is the case, you will not be serving the purpose of making a poster. You can experiment with the colors you pick to choose from on the poster. Make sure that you play around with the background of the poster as well.


Besides the words and the logos that you choose to print on your poster, make sure that the overall printing is done properly. For the background picture or color, please make them over 300dpi. The words you use on the poster must have at least a 0.5″ distance from the finished size. You should also make sure that you add 0.125” bleed around each side for clarity of the words and printing done on the poster.


So, what are you waiting for? Get a standard poster size made today!


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