5 Reasons Your Business Needs Custom Printed Boxes

5 Reasons Your Business Needs Custom Printed Boxes

What have the discovery of the New World, online dating, and customized product packaging got in common? We’ll explain.

Custom Printed Boxes

Most scholars agree that what today we call “globalization” began with the first voyage of Christopher Columbus to what was then ‘The New World’. Not only was that journey an extraordinary feat of human endeavor, but it altered the world economy forever. Shortly after, and throughout the period of the 16th to the 19th centuries, Europe enjoyed a huge boom in trade with Asia and the Americas. International shipping brought new goods into Europe and enough money to the ‘New World’ to finance the beginning of what is now the USA. 

A similar revolution in trade has taken place, albeit less dramatically, in our own time. And that’s the Internet revolution and the rise of e-commerce. It would be hard to overstate just how much modern business continues to be shaped by digital technologies and global communication. One thing’s for sure, there’s no going back, and the markets are not only bigger but also far more competitive than in any moment in our history.

So, what does this little history lesson have to do with your business and custom boxes? The short answer is, everything. You see, in today’s hyper-competitive marketplace, businesses big and small need to do everything possible to stand out from the crowd, and make their brands bold, recognizable, and well-known. As you’ll also know, the focus of much modern marketing is on the consumer experience. 

So, how do you do this? Well, there are several ways. But one of the simplest, most cost-effective, and powerful — which is a winning combination in our opinion! — is the box you ship your goods in. To compete today, you need to think inside and outside the box. Literally. Let’s dive a little deeper into this, because — for a relatively modest investment — it could make a huge difference to your brand visibility and your bottom line.

Not convinced that a box need be anything more than a container for moving stuff in? Well, let’s take a look at the stats. Our opinion means nothing. But the numbers don’t lie. Here are a few salient — and we think, exciting — findings from Nielsen. Nielsen, remember, is the acknowledged global leader in commercial data collection and consumer behavior analysis. 

  • The average US grocery store offers its customers no fewer than 39,000 items
  • 76% more customers choose products with distinctive, high-performing packaging
  • Just optimizing packaging — or, as we say, making boxes better! — results in a 5.5% increase in sales

Close to a 6% increase in sales and brand recognition just because you have a better box. It’s worth reading the whole report, but let’s point out another fascinating finding: the well-known brands with poorer packaging were out-performed by less well-known brands with cool custom boxes. In short, boxes matter. Boxes make a difference. Boxes — custom printed boxes at any rate — boost business.

This is especially true if you sell online. You might be exclusively e-commerce or have physical premises along with an online store, but if you sell online, then a significant portion of your customers’ only contact with you will be the package that the delivery guy drops off at the doorstep. Think of it like online dating.

After you’ve been chatting and exchanging messages with a potential partner online for a while, you think you may be a good match, you’ve established trust, and you’d like to meet up in real life. So, your date turns up to take you out. Which is likely to make the better first impression: the guy or gal who jumps down from the bus and slouches up the drive in worn out Keds, ill-fitting pants and a gravy-stained T-shirt, reeking of cheap liquor; or the guy or gal who steps down from an Audi R8, smartly dressed, smelling sweet, and smiling? 

The box is the first impression your customer gets of your brand real live. So, make sure that impression is a good one. How you package your goods speaks volumes about how much you value your products and how much you care about your customers. And believe us — we know because we design and print a lot of custom printed boxes every day — that if you don’t take care of this, your competitors will. A custom box means you’ll make a good first impression and boost your chances of getting a ‘second date’ — meaning good reviews and repeat custom.


5 benefits of custom printed boxes

The benefits of custom printed boxes don’t end with good looks. There are so many other advantages. Let’s take a look at the most important right now.

  1. Protect products during shipping

Product damage in transit accounts for significant annual losses to many businesses that ship goods. Custom printed boxes are more robust than their generic, mass-produced counterparts. And you can include custom cardboard box inserts as part of the design. Inserts keep your products safe and snug, while also offering multiple opportunities for further brand messaging. 

  1. Every box is a billboard

Let’s face it, what’s more fascinating than a plain, brown, cardboard box? That’s right — almost everything! A custom printed box gives you the chance to emblazon your branding — your logo, your colors, your slogan or tagline — on all your products. Inserts can include discounts and offers, also branded, and drive traffic back to your stores — online and offline, alike. 

  1. Custom boxes encourage outreach and brand advocacy

According to Google, unboxing videos grow in popularity year on year. More people watch unboxing videos than major TV shows. Here’s a few more findings to consider:

  • 62% of people watching unboxing videos are looking for information to help them decide whether to buy a product or not
  • Unboxing videos cover every kind of product
  • 25% of consumers who watch unboxing videos buy the product

Go check out a few unboxing videos, not only on YouTube, but on Instagram, TikTok, and other social media. You’ll notice that all the most popular and effective videos feature products in well-designed, branded, custom printed boxes. While it’s obvious that several ‘influencers’ receive incentives from companies to review products, many more — and there are billions of videos — are spontaneous shares from happy, satisfied customers. That’s the most powerful kind of advertising there is. And it’s free.

  1. Custom printed boxes are part of the experience

Few customers these days want to buy nothing more than a basic, functional product. Market research and consumer psychology show that people buy into an image, a brand, a sense of belonging. They don’t just want your product. They want an experience. And a beautiful box gives them that.

  1. Boxes offer low investment and high return

We saw right at the outset the kind of boost to profits just making your boxes prettier can produce. Compare those figures with the average returns — 1% and lower — that you get when you invest in a poster campaign, buying advertising space on websites, blogs, magazines and newspapers, or investing days and dollars in social media promotions. You’ve got to send boxes anyway. It’s a no-brainer to make a small added investment in a custom printed box when there’s the potential of such significant returns on so many fronts: brand recognition, visibility, customer loyalty, repeat buying, customer advocacy, free ongoing promotion, and more.


The box rocks!

If we haven’t persuaded you by now that there’s real potential in investing in custom printed boxes and packing, we maybe never will. But whether you’d like to look into your options in more detail or you still have your doubts, talk to us. We’re friendly and we have literally decades of experience helping businesses just like yours to plan, design, and print successful custom box campaigns. If it didn’t work, we wouldn’t still be in business. Get in touch today for a no-obligation quote or just to chat through the possibilities. We’d love to help you.