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Real Estate Brochure Printing

Real Estate Brochure Printing

Real Estate Brochure Quote

  • Save More Than 40% Costs
  • Free Real Estate Brochure Design, Artwork Checking
  • 3-5 Days Production Time After Approval
  • More Brochure Paper Options
  • Deliver to Different Tradeshows and Exhibitions

Printing real estate brochure and real estate flyers are one of the best marketing solutions in the field. These are brilliant marketing mediums, which assist in the delivery of relevant property information to the customers. Your real estate brochure plays a crucial role in grabbing the attention of your potential clients. Real estate moguls have great performance in their sales partly because of their highly attractive and effective real estate brochures. It is not better but necessary to print a high-quality brochure containing all kinds of information about the houses, in order to gain an upper hand in the field.

real estate brochure examples
real estate flyer

QINPrinting knows exactly what style you would need for such brochures. Work with us to print an extraordinary brochure to impress your customers and expand your sales. Folding brochures, bound brochures, you can choose any brochure style to match your business. If you are looking to print a luxury real estate brochure, there are even more solutions. These include special luxury paper, larger size brochures, soft-touch lamination on the cover surface, embossing and debossing, to name a few.

Real Estate Brochure Print
Full Color Brochure Printing Services

Printing real estate brochures is just a part of the many printing services that we offer. Others include printing prospectus brochures, jewelry brochures, advertising brochures to name a few. We also have the capacity to print catalogs, books, flyers, etc. Start printing with us right now to get the best real estate brochure for yourself.

Real Estate Brochure Sample Specifications

  • Size: 420 mm x 297 mm
  • Printing: Full color CMYK printing
  • Cover paper: 300gsm matte art paper
  • Surface: Matte lamination
  • Interior: 200gsm matte art paper
  • Page count: 32 pages
  • Binding: Saddle stitch
Real Estate Brochure Printing Cost

Custom Real Estate Brochure Printing Tips

Printing Artwork: 

Firstly, there are many charts related to house structures in real estate brochures. In order to ensure that these structure charts are printed in high quality, it is important to design the black structure charts with 100% black or vector files. Please do not opt for CMYK printing to complete the same. Furthermore, do not design the house structure charts across the span of two pages. Due to the tolerance created by binding, the house structure chart will not be properly connected after binding is completed.

Secondly, many real estate brochures are distributed before the property is finished. 3-D design sketches are used instead of the final property photos. Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that many 3D sketches will be used in the brochure. When you transfer the 3D design sketches into photos, please make sure that you do so with CMYK format high-resolution photos. You also need to adjust parts of the photo’s color.

Special Size Request: 

Many real estate brochures are of larger sizes, and for such brochures, the photos or images should also be of high quality. You can smoother the process by uploading your images in high resolution to assist in printing.

Real Estate Brochure Printing Paper: 

Firstly, if the real estate brochures are of larger sizes, we suggest you select a thicker paper for cover and interior papers. Best examples include 300gsm or 350gsm art paper for cover and 157gsm or 200gsm art paper for the interior. Glossy lamination or matte lamination or soft-touch lamination on the outside of the cover are also necessary.

Secondly, if you are making disposable real estate brochures, we suggest you make use of 80gsm or 105gsm gloss art paper or matte art paper with self-cover. 128gsm art paper is also a viable option. It depends on your budget, which paper best suits your needs.

Back Process and Binding: 

Firstly, if you like printing a luxury real estate brochure, we suggest you design it using foil stamping, embossing, die-cutting or spot UV on the cover. If you prefer a very shiny result for the interior pages, we suggest you have a varnish applied to the interior pages. We also have many luxury special papers for choice. These include texture papers, color papers, parchments, waterproof papers, etc. amassing to more than 100 kinds of papers for choice. The paper samples are fee; however, we will charge shipping costs to deliver them to you. If you need samples, send us your contact information or contact our specialists right now!

Secondly, we can also do multiple covers for a brochure. A number of brochures can pool in their resources and share a brochure printing cost together. It is economical for all brokers.

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