Where Should You Get Your Posters Printed?

Thinking beyond digital media, poster printing has become a major trend in the realm of marketing. Whether it involves employees, guests or potential customers, the print media can be exploited to make a terrific impression on your target audience. Aside from the choice of using personalized templates, posters come with the flexibility of experimenting with a number of exciting formats. Poster printing can be done using the DIY approach, wherein you can use special software to design your personalized posters. For more professional results, consulting with a certified service provider can assist you to send your message across to the audience. Not sure where to get your posters printed? Discernibly, there are many ways you can get your posters printed:  based on your project requirements. You can enlist local poster printing service provider or seek online services from some of the leading retail chains, such as Alibaba.com, Made-in-China.com, QINPrinting.com, etc.

get your posters printed

If you think poster printing is as simple as selecting papers and preparing designs, you are leaving out the most essential factors, such as brand personality, CTA, evaluation and printing. Regardless of your motive, whether it is for a marketing campaign, a professional event or home decorations, poster printing requires careful planning and strategic decisions. If you are wondering where to get posters printed, this guide will you take the necessary steps to make the most of your investment.

Poster Printing Services in China

The primary objective of printing a poster is to communicate certain essential messages to the audience, so viewers take the center stage in the process. All posters need to take into account factors like readability and transparency to cater to the interest of the viewers. Poster printing involves making critical decisions regarding printers and papers, and it’s easy to make mistakes.

Choosing the right poster printing service provider can take away your burden substantially, helping you enhance user engagement. The professional designers can help you decide on important matters like the size, material and quality of papers. Poster printing can be done in several ways in China, from DIY methods to professional printing techniques, depending on the application. Also, there are a number of online service providers, offering competent poster printing services, and Alibaba.com, Made-in-China.com, and QINPrinting.com are only to name a few. In QINPrinting.com, you can get custom posters printed instant quote.

Besides posters printed in China, you also may print in local. It depends on the poster size and quantity. If you print more quantity and poster size is larger than A3, printing poster in China is economical. If you print less than 100pcs posters and the size is A3 or smaller size, you print in local is better.

  • Designing to get your posters printed

With the advent of computer programs, designing a poster has become easy. If you are thinking of getting these posters for decorating your room, you can opt for the DIY approach. This can be done by sourcing images from the internet and using computer programs to create exquisite designs. You can design your posters using in-built programs or purchase new ones. Also, you have the option of accessing free programs online. The most commonly used programs for designing posters are Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign. For professional events like corporate events and trade fairs, you can hire experienced designers to make eye-catching posters.


  • Printing and Evaluation

Your poster making endeavors do not end with preparing designs, for there are several other considerations you need make along the way. After designing the posters, the next significant step is the evaluation of your designs. Some of the important aspects you to watch out for include the visual appeal, message, CTA, and relevance. The content of your poster should match the brand image to create the desired impact on the audience.

  • Defining Brand Identity

No matter what the purpose of your poster is, an advertising campaign or a fundraiser, your message needs to lucid enough to influence viewers to take actions. All the components of your poster like texts and images should cater to the company’s core principles. This is exactly why you need to enlist professional service providers, who would assist you to draft professional designs which will complement the company’s vision and purpose. Online portals like QINPrinting.com can help you check whether your poster artwork is good for printing. Besides, you can also get your posters printed from local service providers.

Get Your Posters Printed at QINPrinting.com

If you are looking for a professional offset printing partner, QINPrinting.com can help you out with printing services. Specializing in print media, QINPrinting.com is recognized among the top Chinese printing agencies, offering high-end printing services to clients across the nation. Founded as a traditional printing enterprise, the company has evolved over the years to become a popular online retail chain.  To make the best use of the print media, it’s safer to hand over the responsibilities our certified practitioners. From artwork checking, printing to defining brand identity, all the steps will be meticulously handled by professionals, delivering the best possible solution for your company.