Simple Tips For You To Design A Distinctive Year 2018 Calendar

Year 2018 Calendar is coming. 

You might need to try something new in the upcoming new year, right? How about a new attractive wall or desk calendar to your company, or your customers? You can choose a standard poster style wall calendar printing, a popular 28- page saddle stitched wall calendar or a wire binding desk calendar. Whichever you use, I bet they’re gonna love it.

Year 2018 Calendar


  1. Select a consistent theme.
  2. It is important to be aware of your calendar’s style, size, pages, binding, bleed, trim area. Or try to use a template.
  3.  Select photos or pictures to be used in your calendar.

(1) To get a high quality printing, you need to make sure the picture resolution be 300 dpi at least (dots per inch) at the size you want the pictures to be printed. Enlarging the image decreases the dpi.

(2) It is better to use quality professional photos directly if you have because when people are looking at a calendar, they not only see the dates, but also the pictures on it.

(3) It is economical to download the stock photo from a professional photo website.

  1. Choose the color that can represent you or your company and can match with the photos and pictures.
  2. Check the dates and holidays of your country carefully.
  3. Remember to add your company logo, main products or service information on the calendar to increase exposure and awareness.
  4. An impressive design should be clean, clear and creative.


Wall Calendar Printing

You have a wall calendar to be printed? Saddle stitched wall calendars, wire-o bound wall calendars and wall calendars with clips are all very popular. We can design the calendar for you according to the pictures and text you provided. You can choose different paper for printing.

Desk Calendar Printing

QINPrinting provides custom printing services for customers. And it is so easy to print with us desk calendars of your own! The regular size for desk calendars is 260X170mm for the date sheets and 260X190mm for the calendar frame. There can be 13 or 7 date sheets.


Three-Month Calendar Printing

Except for the most common type: wall calendars and desk calendars, a special type of calendar is printed every year in large quantity, but known by few. It is the three-month calendar.  Many logistics companies or companies with lengthy projects are among the most common users of three-month calendars.

By Linda, Qinprinting