Tips and Tricks on How to Choose a Paper Box Style for Your Product Package

Choose a Paper Box Style for You

Good things come in small packages – or rather, good things come in good packages. Do you want to make a statement with your packaging for your product? Choosing the right paper box style for your product can help pinpoint your style, protect the item, and even help the environment.

With many options on the market to find the right kind of paper box printing for your business model, don’t skimp on packaging. Choose a statement package that is good for your business.

paper box style

Make Sure Your Product Packaging Travels Well

Choosing the right box to protect your product during shipping and handling is essential. The functionality of a paper box pairs with customizable printing to make an effective marketing tool into an even more effective container.

How will your products be displayed and what do boxes have to do with that? For instance, if your products are distributed in a shop where they can be hung from a shelf, choose hang tab boxes. These can be easily slid onto hanging hooks so customers can browse.


Choose the Right Material

One of the advantages of paper box printing is the ability to choose between materials to make the box. When you simply purchase pre-made boxes, you may have fewer options.

When you have your own boxes printed, it’s easy to choose between paperboard, cardboard, corrugated paper, greyboard, and more.

If you need vertically stackable boxes, choosing corrugated paper with side internal fluting can give you the stability you need. Likewise, for small, sturdy items choose thinner paper containers for ease of folding and quality printing options. 

Greyboard is a unique, eco-friendly choice for boxes that do not require heavy-duty structural stability.  Greyboard is made of recycled  paper products and is known for its rough texture. It may not be great for packaging that is going to be displayed but can be used for internal components in a box or for shipping smaller packages.


Questions Before Choosing the Box Style

Consider these questions before ordering the box style you need. Knowing these details will help with your purchase.

Until you need a really specific type of box, you’ve probably never thought too much about packaging. The options available for making a unique box that functions as both branding material and protective covering are many.

What Are the Exact Dimensions of Your Product?

Get the exact dimensions of your product before purchasing paper boxes.

Proper sizing is an important element of protecting your products. When you order custom printed boxes, choosing the custom sizing is part of the deal. You can also choose unique shapes to fit  unusually shaped  items.

Is This a One-Time Use Box, or Something You’re Going to Use Repeatedly?

For one-time use boxes, choose a lighter paper box that can be discarded and recycled. For reusable boxes, choose heavy corrugated cardboard.

How Heavy Is the Item You Will be Putting Inside the Package?

Do the math to calculate how resilient your packaging must be to stand up against the weight of your product. You may need to choose a heavier cardboard.

Paper Box Style

Consider the contents of your box and how you want your customers to be able to open them. Would you like to create a treasure chest experience by having them untuck the end to reveal the products inside? Consider a reverse tuck end box

Displaying the box standing up? Opt for straight tuck end boxes which give you even more room on the ends to add branding material.

Paper box styles are extremely varied. They may not always be six-sided cubes, but can also be hexagonal or round. 

Traditional rectangular box styles may include seal end boxreverse tuck end boxstraight tuck end box with hang tabstraight tuck end boxtuck top auto bottom box, or tuck top snap lock bottom box. Each has an ideal use to hold products safely inside the tucked ends.

The gable top with auto bottom box and bag box with auto bottom lock are useful for unusually shaped items that need a carrying handle to move the box. 

Already have items in bland boxes, or looking to just add a pop of color to your packaging? Packaging sleeves slip around your product to add some visual interest to the piece while giving you a round surface or four extra sides to include branding info.

Your brand encompasses more than just a logo to paste on your products. It’s also about customizing the feel and experience of working with them. By utilizing optional design elements in designing your paper boxes, you will be able to cultivate a better brand.

Choose between matte, glossy, normal, smooth, or rough-textured finishes on the box. For a sleek, modern design, you can never go wrong with matte packaging. For an earthier, artsier look choose a rough texture that makes the paper feel almost raw.

Take your branding to the next level with design options.  

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