Print 2020 Calendar: A Complete Guide

Printing a calendar is a common practice across all industries nowadays. Discernibly, it is one such component that can be used as promotional purposes as well as household applications. A beautifully designed calendar can go a long way in connecting to people who matter. This is why, many enterprises, both large and small, maneuver print 2020 calendar to reach out to their target consumers, creating better brand values. 

Designing an effective calendar, regardless of its purposes, is far from an easy task. If you think choosing an appropriate theme and adding pictures will help you develop a good calendar, then will be disappointed to hear that it is not the case in reality. In fact, an eye-catching calendar is not only hard to design, but also difficult to produce. The steps may appear to be simple at first glance, executing them requires professional decisions, especially if you are thinking of using the product for promotion and marketing.

print 2020 calendar

The best kinds of calendars boast of exquisite graphics, images and textual content, besides having a carefully conceived theme to grab the consumers’ attention. If you are wondering why you should send your 2020 calendar to print when they will get perished after a certain point, you might want to rethink your move as, in most cases, these customized collectibles have proven to outlive their purposes. Take a cue from the following guide to create a mind-blowing personalized calendar.


A meticulously crafted calendar is so much more than an assemblage of pictures and texts, as it underscores a powerful narrative to capture the imagination of the viewers. To make sure your calendar has an engaging theme, it is best to generate a written purpose of the investment. Your draft should accommodate all the crucial aspects of your narrative, so be precise and transparent while jotting down the ideas. Once you have the layout, you can start using the content to transform it into a visual masterpiece.

Images to print 2020 calendar

Coming to the images, you have lots of critical decisions to make. For instance, you could hire professional photographers to introduce high-resolution pictures. What’s more, investors have the options of experimenting with graphics and logos. If hiring a photographer is appearing too expensive for your budget, there are other ways of sourcing your images. Sites like Unsplash, Flickr, Fotolia and Shutterstock have a broad spectrum of images to choose from, but users need to provide the due credit to the photographers to avoid getting into legal hassles.

Professional Supervision

As discussed in the earlier segments, creating a custom calendar is a painstaking process, requiring lots of planning. Enlisting a professional will not only reduce your burdens but also enable you to adopt a professional approach. Every decision you make has a severe implication on the impact you want to generate on the viewers. From selecting the right theme, creating the storyboard to assembling the images, a professional designer can be a tremendous advantage to you, guiding you through the difficult steps.

Color and Design

While a story takes precedence over all other matters when it comes to designing calendars, it is certainly not the only element to consider while conceiving your project, as there are other headaches to look after. Choosing a suitable template for your calendar is something you can’t afford to take casually. The calendar should manifest all essential elements of your plan and, needless to say, they should cater to the purpose and function of your valuables. If a powerful narrative is not something you are looking for, you can always explore other methods. You can turn your almanacs into aesthetic treats by engaging with powerful graphics and designs. Figure out what suits your prospects and hire a professional designer to materialize your ideas in print.

Printing and Packaging

 When it comes to selecting papers for your calendar, there are several options available to you. Coated paper and uncoated paper have different paper weight. You may contact our sales experts to check which type will suit you requirements.

The process does not end with production, as there are numerous post-production concerns to take into consideration. Since these customized almanacs are developed for sales and marketing purposes, there are several logistical matters to take into account while wrapping up. For instance, packaging has an enormous role to play in defining your marketing goals, and a little effort can go a long way in creating the desired impact on the consumers.

In Summary of print 2020 calendar

Before you set out to send your 2020 calendar to print, make sure you have catered to all the essentials details necessary to make the project a huge success. Develop a blueprint of what exactly you are looking for, from graphics to storyboard, and seek expert supervision to captivate the imagination of your consumers by exploiting all crucial aspects of the print media.