Perfect Binding or Saddle Stitching- Which Is Better for You?

In the book printing process, one of the essential decisions for the printing of the book is whether to go for perfect binding or saddle stitching. This article is a quick and short guide. That will help you determine which option is better for you to select.


Factors to Consider Perfect Binding or Saddle Stitching

Three factors help you decide on getting a perfect binding or saddle stitching. Following are the factors:

·Number of Pages

When the page amount is less i.e. around 4-48 pages, saddle stitching is preferred, but when the page amount is 96 or over 96. Then the binding needs to be strong. Hence, perfect binding is preferred in such cases. It feels like a premium quality bind. The customer gets a very high-end product experience.

The difference in both the binding is; the saddle stitching is more of an open or wide bind, while the perfect binding cannot be wide open.


· Paperweight

Paperweight or thickness is also a factor that decides which is the most relevant binding option. In case, the inner paper is not thick. And the page amount is around 48 or less than 48 pages. Then saddle stitching is preferred.

Whereas, when the inner paper is more than 157 GSM and above 48 pages, then the perfect binding is preferred.


· Budget

Whatever the product type is whether it is a children’s book, magazine, journal, etc. The other most important factor to consider is what your budget is. If you have a very limited budget, then saddle stitch binding is the most cost-effective option. You can get a good quality product with a limited budget by opting for saddle stitch binding.

But in case you don’t have budget restrictions. And you can afford to go for the costly option i.e. perfect binding. Then you can easily go for it and share a premium quality product with your customers. No matter if the page count is less. You can still go for perfect binding based on your preference.


Different Usage

Saddles stitching and perfect binding are used for different product types. Mostly the advertising booklets or catalogs use a saddle. While the journals and books are perfect binding.

Moreover, in the case of children’s books, people prefer to go for the perfect bind rather than going for the saddle stitching. To keep the children safe from any injury due to kind of rough finishes of the saddle stitching.

No matter if the children’s books are 24 or less than 24 pages. Even then the perfect binding is the relevant option for the kids’ safety.

Hence, whatever option seems relevant to you after reading this quick guide. You can get your saddle stitch binding and perfect binding in the best possible manner here at QinPrinting. We ensure the satisfaction of our clients or customers.

What are you waiting for? Go order the relevant binding option and witness your book, magazine, or catalog idea transform into reality.

I hope this article clears your confusion regarding both the options of saddle stitching or perfect binding and you can reach to your final decision.s