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Perfect Bound Book Printing

Perfect Bound Book Printing

Perfect Bound Book Quote

  • Free cover template, free artwork checking and modifying
  • 5 working days for mass production time
  • High-quality sewn perfect bound book printing
  • Save more than 40% printing cost
  • Custom size and more paper options

Perfect bound book printing is a popular printing method used to develop softcover books with symmetrical covers and pages. They have the look and feel of a clean finish accentuated by uniform edges on all sides. These types of books include a printed spine, and often have a clear-coated cover to improve durability, which is typically made from a coated paper or cardstock to protect the book’s internal pages.

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Perfect bound books are especially popular among authors, businesses, and various organizations for their versatile format. Namely, they play a wide range of roles from published books and promotional material to manuals, company reports, magazines, booklets, and much more. In addition, softcover books are much lighter and more flexible than their hardcover counterparts. Because they cost less to produce, perfect bound books offer the perfect solution for bulk printing and limited or short runs.

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Perfect Bound Book Design Tips

To ensure high-quality results, please design all texts with vector and all book artwork using InDesign. In addition, please provide all images in high-resolution 300dpi for detail purposes. You may click the video link for complete instructions on how to format your artwork with InDesign software.

All of our customers will receive a free cover template and a free interior template for their book. To receive your free cover templates, please provide our printing specialists with an interior page count to calculate the book spine thickness of your book.

Please be sure to supply your artwork to our printing specialists via PDF format. While converting to PDF, please select high-resolution formatting with 3mm bleed. If you would like to learn more about prepress artwork formatting, please watch the video.

How Does Perfect Book Binding Work?

After much effort, your hard work is finally ready to take the form of a permanent book through the perfect binding process. No matter how many books we print at QINPrinting, this process never ceases to be fresh and exciting. There’s nothing quite like an author’s reaction to their printed work being held for the very first time.

Prepress and Printing Process

With this in mind, we review our client’s uploaded manuscript files and sending back a low-resolution PDF file confirming that the material is ready for printing. As soon as our client approves, offset printing can begin. We start by collating the interior and cover material by running it through sophisticated computer software. As a result, we can obtain accurate computer-to-plate (CTP) for printing. Here, we print your book pages using a state-of-the-art Komori or Heidelberg printing machine, producing crisp and immaculate pages perfect for telling stories and conveying useful information to your readers. Pages are ordinarily printed in A1 format, with each A1 printed page referred to as a ‘print signature’.

Binding Process

After we print all the pages, our quality control personnel review the print sheet results and run each print signature through our folding machine to create an immaculate fold. Next, we collect all print signatures in proper order and thread-sew them together to create the book interior. Meanwhile, we create a unique book cover of your design and laminate it with high-quality materials to keep your book looking new for years to come. When the pages and cover are all done, the product is sent over to the cutting block. Here, expert book cutters utilize advanced software and hardware to shape your book to precise specifications.

Thanks to revolutionary equipment, this incredibly-precise process takes only 7 days to complete, and we can print as many as 20,000 perfect bound books in a single day!

Perfect Bound Book Sample Specifications

  • Book size: 8.5″ x 11″
  • Printing: Full color CMYK printing
  • Book cover paper: 300gsm matte art paper
  • Cover surface: Matte lamination and gold foil stamping
  • Interior paper: 100gsm offset paper
  • Page count: 100 pages
  • Binding: Sewn and perfect binding
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Why Perfect Binding?

Perfect binding is the ideal solution for authors, businesses, and other organizations seeking to print high-quality materials at a very affordable cost and fast production speeds. Notably, all modern softcover books are made with perfect binding. They are lightweight, look great on a shelf, stack very easily with other books, and are designed for durable use and lasting quality. Readers of all genres appreciate a perfect bound book in their hands, whether it’s a cookbook, children’s book, graphic novel, non-fiction book or educational material such as a textbook.

As for business material, perfect bound books come in a wide variety of formats such as catalogs, company reports, product, service, and training manuals, certain types of magazines, corporate booklets, and much more. Furthermore, they’re ideal for retail settings such as book stores, where important information is clearly visible on the book’s printed spine and can be inventoried and selected with ease — unlike with saddle stitches and spiral binders.

Altogether, perfect bound books generally cost much less to produce than case bound books. This makes them the obvious choice for bulk printing and short-run printing designed to reduce costs and maximize profits. It also means wider distribution potential, whereby you can print books to reach both physical and online retailers quickly and in specific numbers. At QINPrinting, we offer rapid production times and can deliver as many as 20,000pcs of perfect bound books in as little as 7 days.


Why QINPrinting?

Your printing needs could be the defining moment of your career as an author, the catalyst to a business advance, an educational feature at your institution, or a valuable resource for your product or service line. Whatever your reason for printing reading material, QINPrinting is here to bring your ideas to life with perfect bound books that encourage, educate, and inspire. As a result, our extensive industry experience and proficiency with printing techniques and technology ensure high-quality results at an affordable cost.

Please contact us for more information on how we can revolutionize your printing needs or receive a free online quote now and learn just how affordable printing your next book with QINPrinting can be.

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