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Our Advantages

Fast Production and Delivery Time

Fast production

With our rich experience in the printing industry and our professionalism, we promise our clients with efficiency in printing. With the employment of advanced equipment and 24*7 production, we guarantee high productivity. Our shipping partners include DHL and FedEx and thus we offer economical and super fast delivery. These two shipping companies also function as our partners in air shipping.

Advanced Equipment

Advanced equipment

We at QinPrinting have 4 pieces of Kodak CTP machines which can produce more than 240 plates within an hour and thus enabling us to provide our customers with high-speed productivity. Our 6 pieces of Komori and Heidelberg four-color presses can carry the printing plates automatically and is also capable of self-cleaning.

With the help of our advanced printing machines, we can print on large areas such as 700x1000mm with ease. In order to meet the growing demands of different binding styles, we cater to our clients with various binding machines. Our list of equipment also includes saddle stitching machines, fully automatic folding machines and perfect binding machines.

Competitive Factory Price 

Competitive factory price We at QinPrinting expertise in offset printing with the use of high-tech sheet-fed presses. These sheet-fed presses can easily print on wider areas at one single time.  These machines allow us to provide our clients with high-quality products and that too with competitive prices. Your product will be more cost-effective with a larger quantity of printing.

Free Printing File Checking 

file checking We at QinPrinting offer our clients file checking and that too free of cost. With this facility, we can let our clients know whether their artwork is suitable for printing or not. We also provide our clients with various suggestions regarding their artwork and suggest modifications if there is any problem. We also provide free templates that can help you to fit them within your designs.

Strict Color Control 

color control If you are very specific about colors, we at QinPrinting have GMG color proof system for controlling printing colors. We promise over 95% similarity between the color proofs and that of your final product.

Free Storage 

Free storage

If you are in need of printing, we can deliver your products within the given time frame after the products are finished. If you want we can also store your products for one year and deliver them to you on-demand within that period of one year.

Environment-Friendly Printing 

ECO friendly

We at QinPrinting use only soy ink for our printing works and thus produce products that are environment-friendly. We are FSC certificated and have also passed the China Environment Labeling Certificate.


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