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Custom Note Pads

Custom Note Pads

We provide a lot of board game components for printing purposes for our customers. Custom note pads or score pads are one of them. Custom note pads play an important role as the main component of board games where one can record the scores of the players. 

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Step 1


Thou, there can be a variety of sizes in which custom note pads can be printed. But in the case of board games, particular sizes are preferred for printing. These options are 4″x 5″, 5.5″x 8.5″, and 8.5″x 11″. These sizes work best for custom board games.

If any custom notepad is printed in any other size then it will feel misfit for a board game scorecard. Hence, size is the main factor that should be considered in the printing process.

Step 2

Binding Type:

The binding side is called the side where they put the glue to keep the note pad sheets together. It can be on any side, the right side or the left side. Moreover, one can use the top of the note pad as a binding side. One can select the binding side they prefer the most.

There are varieties of sheet count as well for the custom note pads. It also depends on the need or requirement. The sheet count can be 20, 40, 60, or 80. As there are two sides to each sheet. It means in the 20 sheet count custom note pad there are 40 pages of use. In 40 sheet count custom note pad there are 80 pages and many others.

Moreover, for better durability of the component of board games, custom note pads are attached to the cardboard with glue. So that there are no chances of the custom note pads getting misplaced. Hence, it shows how important binding type is as a factor in the printing process.

Step 3

Material Used

Normally, the material used in the making of these custom note pads is uncoated 70 lb. text paper. But we provide more options of material like. Thin printer paper, white paper, or off-white paper.

Hence, the material used for printing custom note pads has a great impact on the customers’ experience of using it. It is a vital factor to be considered in the printing process.

Step 4


Now another important factor is the color of the custom notepad. Most people prefer black and white. But we also provide colorful printing. To give a touch of personalization of note pads based on the custom board game color theme. Another option is the blank one.

Hence, color also provides a positive impact on the product and the user experience. Customers acknowledge the quality work done on the products.

Step 5


Branding is one of the significant factors of the printing process of the custom note pads of the board games. We as an offset printing company make sure to not ignore putting our logo on the custom note pads. It is like an element of recognition in a noticeable place.

Hence, it is a must to put the logo of the company on the custom note pads for brand recognition. It can increase the chances that more people will place orders from them.

Thus, it shows what factors we at QinPrinting consider while printing custom note pads. What are you waiting for? Contact our printing expert and get your good quality custom note pads and enjoy recording the scores!

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