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Custom Board Game Process

Custom board game process

Before doing custom board games, you need to know how many steps it takes to customize a board game. Here is a list of custom board game processes:

Custom board game process step1

1. Concept

The first step that needs to be taken care of when customizing a board game is your ability to come up with a concept regarding the game. Yes, you read that correctly. The concept of your board game should be unique and engaging. You need to keep brainstorming ideas that you can incorporate into your board game. Think about what it needs and what it is lacking.

Custom board game process step2

2. Rework

At some point, you might feel that you have the idea that you want to go ahead with. However, there is always room for improvement and change. Make sure you rework your idea to turn it into something extraordinary.

Custom board game process step3

3. Prototype

You cannot just come up with an idea. You need to make sure that the board game is based on a physical idea to bring it to life. You will have to prototype the game fast so that you can playtest with your audience. It will require a lot of time and effort. So, make sure that you first test out the board game by printing it out then investing too much all at once. You can keep refining your prototype and look for things that you can add to your board game.

Custom board game process step4

4. Inspiration

There are so many board games out there from which you can take inspiration. You do not have to copy the entire idea of the board game. You can only take notice of the things that the players appreciated most about a certain board game.

Custom board game process step5

5. Playtest

A playtest is quite an important step of the entire custom board game process. You need to first test it out with your family and friends before launching it as a board game in the market. A playtest will give you a fair idea of the things that you need to rework. One important thing to remember here is to have fun while playing as a test. Do not only think of it as something that you are testing out. Have fun while you are working on it.

Custom board game process step6

6. Calculator

Everything has a cost. Your customized board game will have a price too. You must keep calculating the price you are investing into making the board game. You would be amazed to try out our customized board game price calculator. It will take care of everything for you. It is what makes us a unique choice.

Custom board game process step7

7. Do Artwork

If you want to know about the most important part of a custom board game process, it has to be doing artwork. Make sure your artwork is unique and amazing so that the game board stands out. Meanwhile, the artwork should meet printing request. You can download the design templates for reference.

Custom board game process step8

8. Get a Quote

To place an order, you will first have to email us and get a quote. Tell us all requests about your board game. Our printing experts will give you some suggestions to save the costs and introduce the production process. You can ask as many questions as you want and we would be happy to assist you throughout the process.

Custom board game process step9

9. Approve the Sample

Once you have a quote and you approve of the artwork that you want to get, it is time that you double-check the dimensions and other details to avoid any confusion later. It is better to check from beforehand rather than receiving something that you were not expecting. You need to be sure of what design you are getting made. For the same reason, it is essential that you first approve the sample design before placing your final order with us.

Custom board game process step10

10. Place an Order

It is the last and the final stage of getting a custom board game made. All you have to do now is place an order and just start waiting for your delivery to arrive at your doorstep. One thing that you need to keep in mind is that an average order takes up to 4 weeks to get to you. Therefore, if you are looking to get something delivered more urgently, you should place the order accordingly.

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