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Cosmetic Paper Box

Cosmetic Paper Box

Cosmetic paper box plays a great role in improving the rate of your sales. The way you pack your products reflects a lot about your brand and product as well. Using low quality of packaging for your products might result in customer loss. So, before opting for the custom cosmetic paper box for your cosmetics products, make sure about the requirement of your product. Cosmetic boxes are regarded as one of the most vital stuff for all the ladies. Custom boxes are made from soft paper on which printing and designing become easier. The main purpose behind custom cosmetic paper box is to provide a product explanation along with the name of the company and its logo. Ultimately, the custom cosmetic paper box works for the branding of your company. So, try to design it in a way which can easily grab the attention of your customers.

Besides printing cosmetic paper box, we make more custom paper boxes by industry. For instance,  retail paper boxes, medical paper boxes and more. 

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Importance of Cosmetic Paper Box

Custom cosmetic paper boxes are very essential for those companies which sell different products of the same industry. The cosmetics industry won’t run without cosmetics boxes as all the vital information about the products are mentioned on the boxes. Separately from that, each and every business needs some good promotion for improving its revenue and growth. Therefore, arranging and designing the cosmetics boxes in a way that can reflect the brand image and idea can easily help in successful branding.

Cosmetic Paper Box Specification

  • Paper: 250gsm, 300gsm or 350gsm C1S paper
  • Box surface: gloss lamination, matte lamination or varnish
  • Back process: die-cut and glue to be box

Advantages of Custom Cosmetic Paper Box

There are various advantages of custom cosmetic paper box.

  • You can design it in the way you want.
  • You can provide your customers with an impression of your product from outside only.
  • It helps in improving the overall outlook of your product.
  • They are great for grabbing attention with unique designs.
  • The boxes can be flattened and thus helps in reducing your cost of freight and warehouse.
  • They can be made from a variety of paper like corrugated, handmade etc.

If you are in need of a custom paper box, we at QINPrinting are here to help you out. We understand what you need and therefore we can provide you with the most unique box shape templates for your packaging. Our innovative and unique prints along with great quality materials and finishing, will surely match with your vision and deliver your message via the packaging only. This way you can attract a huge number of customers.

We can deliver you with any size, shape, and color for your custom boxes. Whether you need a straight tuck end box with a top hang tab or a normal reverse tuck end box, we have got all for you. Our unique manpower can deliver you with your order in no time. If you need to see a sample first, we can provide you with various samples for quality check. Our prime concern is customer satisfaction. Just let us know about what you need and we can deliver it to you in the best way possible. So, if you are looking out for custom boxes, feel free to contact us at QINPrinting.