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Brochure Printing

Brochure Printing

Brochure Printing Quote

  • Custom color brochure printing services
  • Up to 40% cheaper than your local printer
  • Free printing file templates and printing file checking service
  • Quick production time and prompt delivery
  • Storage services, dispatch and distribution services
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Brochures Printing Services

Printing brochures are an excellent marketing tool. QinPrinting has over 25 years’ experience of in printing custom color brochures and commercial printing products. We can provide you with the best brochure printing service in China. Many different businesses and organizations use brochures to promote their brand or products. Some of these include service business industries, education, consultancy services, agriculture, wholesale, and retail, to name a few. We provide excellent levels of print quality and customer service. Our reputation for supplying professionalism and high-quality products has enabled more and more international clients to get their brochures printed in China. We are particularly efficient and economical for larger print orders.

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You can supply your own print ready artwork or we can produce the design and artwork. All you need to do is upload high-resolution photos and content, and we will create the design for your brochure. If you are producing your own print artwork we can supply free templates. We also offer free file checking services. This ensures that your print job is produced correctly and efficiently. We also offer dispatch and mailing services in China. Printed work can be stored and shipped out worldwide as required. If you are looking for a service provider, who can offer you custom color brochure printing services at wholesale prices, contact us at the earliest opportunity. Please contact our specialists to find out how we can help you to plan and produce your printed brochures.

Custom Brochure Printing

Your printed brochure is a reflection of your business brand, its products, and its services. Therefore it is important it is designed and produced correctly to a high standard. QinPrinting will guide you through the process and offer advice on how to achieve the best results economically.

There are endless design possibilities available when looking at brochure design and production. The first consideration is to identify what the brochure needs to achieve. It may be a document that contains a lot of information, graphics, and photographs. Or it may be produced to inspire a customer to find out more information about a product or a service. This type of brochure may contain less text and more images for example. It may be a straightforward full color print job or take advantage of special Pantone inks.

A brochure may be a simple folded product or utilize a cover with internal pages. The size is very important. It may need to be an item that fits in a pocket or a larger product that can be referred to many times.

There are many options for using different paper stocks and weights with varying finishes. Foiling, die-cutting, embossing, varnishing and laminating can all be used to enhance the appeal of your brochure. Brochures can use different styles and numbers of folds to stand out.

Contact us to discuss the various options we can use to produce a stunning brochure for your business.

How Can You Produce a Brochure at the Best Price?

In order to produce a brochure at the best price, you need to design it and produce the artwork to certain specifications.

First of all, the brochure needs to utilize common paper sizes. Designing the brochure to a standard size ensures there is as little paper wastage as possible. Then the paper or board needs to be selected carefully to keep the costs down but still produce an acceptable brochure.

Any folding or other finishing needs to be as standard as possible.

Printing the brochure in full color using standard process CMYK inks will also keep costs down to a minimum.

Finally, the quantity printed has a big impact on the unit cost. Work out how many you need initially and how many you may need in the future.

It is much cheaper to print more brochures in one hit than to constantly reprint them.

Before starting your brochure project consult as at QinPrinting to work out the most cost-effective method of production.

Brochure Printing Sample Specifications

  • Folded size: 8.5″ x 11″
  • Printing: CMYK printing
  • Paper: 157gsm gloss art paper
  • Back process: folding
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We print many variations and types of brochures. Brochures are widely used to market a wide range of products and services. Common examples are: real estate brochures advertising properties, product brochures such as automobiles and machinery, sales and advertising brochures, holiday brochures and tour guides. Businesses such as construction companies, banks, insurance, and medical companies also promote their services via brochures. Brochures are also widely used in the educational and health sectors to provide information. Many companies produce a brochure each year to outline their products and services for the upcoming period. This may include the most up to date prices for goods and services, for example.

In fact, every business and company will benefit from a brochure either occasionally or regularly. Brochures are widely recognized as one of the most effective marketing and promotional tools. We can supply samples of a wide range of brochures to help with your design selection. Contact us today to plan your next printed brochure.

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