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Brochure printing

  • Custom color brochure printing and booklet printing service supplier
  • Cheap brochure printing, save more than 40% to compare with your local printer
  • Free printing file templates and free printing file checking
  • Fast production time and fast delivery

brochure printingBrochure printing for more business

Brochure printing is a good method on marketing. We have more than 25 years experience on printing color brochure and commercial printing products. These brochures are related to many different business in the market. For instance, service business, industry, consult service, education, agriculture, retail and wholesale.

We provide quality product and professional customer service. More and more overseas customers print brochures in China. Especially for bulk brochure printing. If you can provide brochure design, that would be great. Meanwhile, we also can provide design services if you upload all photos and content. Also, we do mailing services and dispatch services in China. Wanted to print your brochure with wholesales price? Please contact our specialists. Create and print your brochure right now!

Printing More Brochures

We printed more brochures. For instance, product brochures, real estate brochures, advertising brochures. Here are some brochure samples for reference. 

prospectus brochure printing

Prospectus Brochure

We printed many prospectus brochures for university and college. Besides printing service, we also help our customers dispatch the prospectus brochures. 

A3 landscape brochure printing

Real Estate Brochure

Printing real estate brochure is very popular on real estate marketing. Especially large size real estate brochures. To make the brochure pop up, special paper is also used more. 

advertising brochure printing

Advertising brochure

Print and publish an advertising brochure is a good business in some countries or area. In general, most of the advertising brochures are thinner paper. Thus it can save the mailing fee. 

A4 product brochure printing

Product Brochure

We printed more products brochures for many manufacturers. Because we support professional printing services and fast production time. Our customers are always satisfied with printing quality and services.

saddle stitch jewelry brochure printing

Jewelry Brochure

Jewelry brochure should show more product details. So, high quality printing is more important. Our advanced printing equipment can meet high end printing quality. At meanwhile, we provide professional printing services.

high end finanical brochure printing

Financial Brochure

Many companies print financial brochure or annual report at the end of the year or at the beginning of the year. We are the best printing supplier. Because we provide excellent printing service and online quote. 

Brochure Printing Guide

If you are a new on printing brochure, we can give you more advises. How you create and design a brochure? You can follow our guide to print your brochure. 

Artwork Guide

Printing high quality booklets, all photos should be 300dpi. All artwork pages should have 3mm bleed on each edge. Please check more information in Prepress artwork

Paper Options

Coated paper, uncoated paper with different thickness, more paper stock for printing choice. The common text paper includes 70 lb, 80 lb, 100 lb text paper. More information about the paper,check here right now!

Cover Surface

Glossy finish, matte finish, varnishing, spot UV, foil stamping, die-cutting, all are available for cover surface. Check brochure cover surface options here.

Making Special Brochure

Besides regular binding brochure, we also do landscape brochure, loop binding brochure. Meanwhile, we can bind brochure with 3-hole drilled or 5-hole drilled. Loop brochure and brochure with 3-hole or 5-hole are good for hanging into the binder. Many customers choose to print these brochures.

A3 landscape brochure printing

Landscape Brochure

Some customers like designing landscape booklet. Meanwhile, we don’t charge extra cost for printing landscape booklet to compare with portrait booklet. So, many clients choose doing landscape booklets. We did almost all landscape booklets are sewn and perfect binding. 

buttlerfly saddle stitch brochure printing

Loop Binding Brochure

Besides regular saddle stitch booklet and perfect binding booklet, we also can do loop binding brochures. Some brochures are used for hanging on the wall or in the binder, loop binding brochure is a good choice. Furthermore, you can choose 2-loop or 3-loop binding. But the page count should be less than 64 pages. 

Brochure Binding Style

For brochure printing and binding, there are more binding styles for choice. For instance, perfect binding, hardcover binding, saddle stitch, wire-O binding. Also, we can do more panel fold brochure and fold options. For instance, fold brochures, tri-fold, gate-fold. Which binding style do you prefer? Let’s go!

perfect binding brochure printing

Perfect binding

Perfect binding is the common brochure binding style. The page count is from 48 pages to 200 pages. The paper is from 80gsm paper to 128gsm paper. Would you want to do perfect binding brochure? 

financial brochure printing

Saddle stitch

Saddle stitch is the most popular brochure binding style. Meanwhile, the saddle stitch booklet price is cheap. The booklet mailing fee and shipping cost is also lower. So it is good for small quantity and big quantity printing. 

product brochure printing

Sewn perfect binding

Sewing and perfect binding is the strong binding method. If you print a booklet with more pages and the inner is thicker. You may do with sewing and perfect binding. Especially, the booklet is used for longer time. 

wire-O binding details

Wire-O binding

Wire-O binding can make the booklet open 360 degrees. And, it can collect different thickness pages together. With index tabs, wire-O binding is the best binding method. At meanwhile, thick booklet or thin booklet both are good for wire-O binding. 

Brochure Size

The popular brochure size is 8.5X11″, 210X297mm, 5.5X8.5″, 148X210mm etc. Besides popular size, we also can do custom size booklet. It depends on the design. More booklet size options, please check which one you prefer. 

More printing products

Besides printing booklets and brochures, we also print books, catalogs, magazines, calendars, posters, presentation folders, business cards and leaflets. Any printing request, please contact us! 

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