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Tool Catalog Printing

tool catalog printing

Catalogs are an innovative and popular choice for tool suppliers as well, who print tool catalogs to show off their wares to their prospective customers. It is a very easy and convenient way of marketing your products in front of interested customers. Catalogs also provide a great space for elaborating on the specifications and usage of individual tools and hence are this popular a choice. The best choices for tool catalogs are wire-O-binding and perfect binding.

We have provided tool catalog printing service for many industry suppliers. Owing to our professional printing services, we have been trustworthy partners of many clients. The variety printing services that we offer is another factor that draws in clients. 

Printing product catalogs is just a part of the many printing services that we offer. Others include, printing furniture catalogs, auto part catalog, tool catalogs to name a few. We also have the capacity to print books, manuals, posters, flyers, etc. Start printing with us right now to get the best tool catalog for yourself.

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Custom Catalog Printing

It is the general wishes for customers to have their tool catalogs stand out in front of competition. We provide customized tool catalogs for every single client. Some of the variants that we provide contain more than 800 pages. If you choose this option, make sure that you select perfect binding method, as it is the best in for such catalogs. However, some tool catalogs are made up of lesser pages, for which we provide the best-suited binding option, saddle stitching. We also help you to select different paper stocks and binding methods, depending on the specifications and preferences, which you have for your tool catalog. You also have the liberty to choose from a variety of cover surface options to suit your needs.

We also cater to short run catalog printing service. The turnaround time for these kinds of printing services is as less as five business days. Short run catalog printing service is akin to online catalog printing and the ordered quantity is usually less than 1000pcs. For short run catalogs, we can also provide custom sizes. We print quality products based on the designs that you give us. You will definitely love the final product and recommend us to others as well.

Printing Tool Catalog Specification

  • Tool catalog size: 8.5X11″
  • Cover paper: 300gsm gloss art paper
  • Cover surface: Gloss lamination
  • Interior paper: 80gsm gloss art paper
  • Print: Full-color printing (CMYK printing)
  • Page count: 1200 pages
  • Binding: Sewn and perfect binding

High-quality Printing Tips

The first thing that you should keep in mind is to experiment between different types of paper. This must be done especially if the catalog has many pages. 80gsm gloss art paper should be used as the interior pages. Another good choice for the same can be 80gsm matte art paper. The thickest catalog spine that we have completed till date was of 55mm. For thick catalogs, the cover paper should be 300gsm gloss art paper or matte art paper or 350gsm gloss art paper. If the insides of the front cover and the insides of the back cover are blank, the ideal choice of cover paper would be the 300gsm one side coated paper.

Next, a tool catalog should usually contains a lot of details about the specifications of the tool. Please do not use CMYK printing techniques or Photoshop to design the texts and tables. Please make use of InDesign to create the texts and tables and remember to choose between a black and grey color printings to design the same. This allows the text and table to be very clear and printed with absolute clarity.


High-quality Tool Catalog Binding Tips

You need to keep in mind that many tool catalogs are wire-O bound. Tool catalogs are supposed to be easy to open and it should be easy to lay it flat on a surface.. Wire-O-Binding is the best solution for such needs. While designing a tool catalog with this method it is important to keep enough margin on the binding side. The margin would depend on the catalog spine thickness. For thick catalogs, the holes are larger, and the margin space should be more than 15mm. For thinner catalogs, the holes are smaller, and the margin space is slightly more than 12mm. Before you start your tool catalog design, please contact us. We will help you calculate the margin space and even create a template for you. The template is free of cost. We are glad to assist our esteemed customers.

Secondly, in order to design a tool catalog it is important to use different tab colors. We provide great options like die-cutting tabs. However, we do not suggest that you do the die-cut tabs because it is more expensive and it takes a longer time for production. You can choose to do different color tabs instead. Before designing your tabs, please calculate how many tabs will be in the catalog height. Also include the tab position in the design.

Some tool catalogs are done with 3 or 2 drilled holes. Please keep enough margins on the binding edge for the holes to be drilled without ruining the cover artwork.

For other tips regarding printing, please check our Printing Guide page. We are very confident that our products and services will interest you. If you need any help, please feel free to contact us.