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Tool Catalog Printing

tool catalog printingWe provide tool catalog printing service for many industry suppliers. Due to professional printing services, we have printed many kinds of tool catalogs. Besides, we can also provide booklet printing services, poster printing services etc.

All customers like their tool catalog stands out from the other catalogs. We do customized tool catalog for each client. Part of the tool catalogs are more than 800 pages, they will be perfect bound. Some tool catalogs are less pages, we will bind as saddle stitching. We help them select different paper stock and binding method. Meanwhile, there are more cover surface options for choice.

We can also provide short run catalog printing service. This printing service turnaround time will be less than 5 business days. Short run catalog printing service is online catalog printing. And quantity is less than 1000pcs. For short run catalog, we also can custom size. We print quality product according to your design. You will love your highly recommend final product!

Besides printing tool catalog, we print more other catalogs. For instance, printing furniture catalogsauto part catalogs and so on. Meanwhile, we can also print booksposters,  flyers etc. Print with us and you shall see how good your tool catalog can look.

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Printing Tool Catalog Specification

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Tool catalog size: 8.5X11″

Cover paper: 300gsm gloss art paper

Cover surface: gloss lamination

Interior paper: 80gsm gloss art paper

Print: full-color printing (CMYK printing)

Page count: 1200 pages

Binding: sewn and perfect binding

High-quality tool catalog printing tips:

The first, using different paper. If the catalog has many pages, please use interior paper as 80gsm gloss art paper or 80gsm matte art paper. We have done the thickest catalog spine thickness is 55mm. For thick catalog, the cover paper is 300gsm gloss art paper or matte art paper or 350gsm gloss art paper. If the inside front cover and inside back cover is blank, the cover paper is 300gsm coated one side paper.

The second, the tool catalog should have more details about the tool specification. Please don’t design the detailed text and table form with CMYK printing or designed by PhotoShop. Please do the text and table by InDesign and design one color BLACK printing or one color grey printing. In this case, after printing, the text and table are very clear and good quality.

High-quality tool catalog binding tips:

The first, many tool catalogs are wire-O binding. We need tool catalogs to be easy open and flat. For binding wire-O tool catalog, please keep enough margin on the binding side. It depends on the catalog spine thickness. For thick catalog, the holes are larger, the margin space should be more than 15mm. For thin catalogs, the holes are smaller, the margin space is more than 12. Before you start a design, please contact us. We will help you calculate the margin space and do a template for you. The template is free. We are glad to provide different customer services.

The second, to design the tool catalog with different tab colors are important. We also can do die-cutting tabs. But we don’t suggest you do the die-cut tabs because it is more expensive and it takes longer time for production. Please do different color tabs. Before you design the tabs, please calculate how many tabs there will be in the catalog height. Then to design each tab position.

The last, some tool catalogs are with 3 or 2 hole drilled. Please keep enough margin on the binding edge for the holes drilled.

For other more tips for printing, please check Printing Guide page. We are very confident with our product and service. If you need any help, please contact us.

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