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Prospectus Brochure Printing

print high quality prospectus brochureAt the time of enrollment, most schools, especially universities and colleges, need to print large quantities of prospectus brochures. The prospectuses brochure is displaying their benefits, achievements, and other important points to get more students enrolled. For this type of advertising, printing a prospectus brochure is the most effective.

In common, these types of brochure design don’t have too many pages. So they are often saddle stitched. Some prospectuses brochures are perfect bound. The standard brochure sizes for a prospectus are A4 and A5 size. Some prospectuses are customized brochures and custom printing. For instance, glossy finish, matte finish, special paper for cover or interior. Some prospectuses are with presentation folder and business cards together for mailing. If you print more items together, you can get special offer.
As a printing partner, besides brochure printing services, we also provide more services. It includes free brochure templates, designing for print services, storage and dispatch services. From brochure design, printing, brochure folding, binding, storage and dispatch, all we can do for you.
Besides printing prospectuses brochure, we also print more brochures. For instance, advertising brochure,product brochure. Also, we print bookscatalogs, magazines, calendars, posters

Any printing products request? Contact our specialists right now!

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Prospectus Brochure Printing Specification


Size: 210X297mm

Printing: full color printing (CMYK printing)

Cover paper: 250gsm uncoated paper

Surface: varnish outside

Interior paper: 100gsm offset paper

Page count: 24 pages

Binding: saddle stitch

Custom prospectus brochure paper and printing tips:

The first, some prospectus brochures occasionally use coated paper, but uncoated paper is the most popular for prospectus booklets. Both types of papers will print colors differently. So we do not advise to mix them. The colors printed on coated paper are shinier and richer. Uncoated paper outputs duller color. But it allows you to write on it. It is more practical for a college prospectus brochure. For more printing information and file guidelines, please visit Printing Guide.

The second, we print all prospectus brochures with soy ink to guarantee that the products are ECO-friendly. You also can select FSC paper for printing prospectus brochure. 

The third, many prospectus brochure covers are with matte art paper and Spot UV for the logo(s) or title. If the text requires spot UV, the text should be larger than 10.5pt.

4, If the cover is finished with uncoated paper, we suggest the cover is with varnish. If the cover is coated paper, we suggest the cover is with gloss or matte laminated.

Extra service

If you dispatch the prospectus brochures in China or in Asia, besides prospectus brochure printing, we also can do storage and dispatch services for you. We have printed many prospectus brochures for our customers. We also do distribute for them in China or Asia. 

Every day our workers pack and dispatch the brochures according to your dispatch order quantity and delivery address. At the end of each month, we will send you a brochure stock report.  It is easy for you to manage the brochure stock in China.

Are you an overseas education organization? Do you want to dispatch the brochures in China? We are the best printing and disptach partner.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q, How long is prospectus brochure production time?

A. It takes one week for production after you approve the proof.

Q, How can you guarantee the printing quality?

A. Our quality control system follows ISO 9001.  Yes, we have do have a ISO 9001 certificate. Our QC workers check each level of the production process.

Q, How can I check the paper quality?

A. You can contact us to get our paper sample manual. The paper sample manual includes all regular papers in our stock. The paper sample is free, but you do need to pay the shipping cost.

We also have many special papers. For example, texture papers, color papers etc. If you need any special paper types, please provide us with the paper details. We’ll see if we can find it.

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