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Product Quality

Before printing, we will provide 3 kinds of proofs

PDF proof

After checking the file, we can provide PDF proof for you to check.

Hard proof and dummy

If the file is good for printing, we can print hard proofs to check the color. Our GMG hard proof system will make sure the hard proof color will be almost the same with the mass product color. Hard proof is printed by hard proof machine and printed on hard proof paper. The paper is different with mass product. Dummy is blank, not printed. Dummy is bound by the real paper. Dummy can check the paper and binding.

Normal sample

We print normal sample by digital printing machine. However, the color and paper will be a little different with the mass product. Because we print mass product by offset printing machine, but we sample by digital printing machine.

We use GMG color proof system to print hard proofs. The color of the hard proofs is more than 95% similar to that of the final products.

Our factory has passed GB/T19001-2008 idt ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System Certification. We do strict quality control throughout the printing process according to it.

We equip advanced and automatic machines for the whole production line. For printing, we have two Kodak CTP machines, two Heidelberg four-color machines, four Komori four-color machines. Besides, our factory equip one Swiss Martini adhesive binding machine, one saddle-stitch binding machine, 5folding machines. For back process, we equip foil stamping machines, die-cutting machines, embossing machines, and lamination machines, and so on.

We will reprint for free if the mistake comes from us. If it comes from you, we can reprint at your expense.