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Product Quality

Before the printing process is started, 3 types of comprehensive proofs are provided to you in order to ensure that there is no confusion during the completion of the order.

PDF Proof

Once we have checked the artwork and the file, we provide you with a PDF proof that you can check and approve.

Hard Proof and Dummy

If the file that you had provided us is suitable for printing, we can also provide you with hard proofs that will enable you to check the color. We make use of our GMG ColorProof system in order to print hard proofs on hard proof paper. The hard proof paper is different from the paper that would be used during mass printing and the machine used is also the hard proof machine, but we guarantee that the color would be exact to what you get as a part of the hard proof. The dummy that we provide to you is not printed, but blank, and only serves the purpose of you being able to check the binding and paper quality. Real paper is used in order to bind the dummy.

Digital Printing Sample

You can also choose to have a sample be printed with the help of our digital printing machine. In the case of mass printing products, this printing is done with the help of our offset printing machines. It is for this very reason that the color of the digital printing sample will be a little different from the mass printing product. However, this would provide you with a general idea about the final products.

Our hard proofs are printed with the help of GMG ColorProof system. They are fairly accurate with the final products and the color is almost 95% similar to the color that you would receive as part of the final products.

We would like to state that our company has gracefully passed GB/T19001-2008 IDT ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System Certification, which clearly states that our quality control methods are beyond satisfactory.

Our entire production line is equipped with automatic and advanced machines. Printing is done with the help of two high-end Kodak CTP machines. We also have a powerful Heidelberg 4 color machine, a new Komori 8 color machine and 5 Komori 4 color machines. Our factory is equipped with a Swiss Martini adhesive binding machine, a binding machine for saddle stitching, 5pc folding machines. In order to tackle the back process, we have die-cutting machines, foil stamping machines, lamination machines and embossing machines at our disposal.

We promise to reprint the entire batch if the mistake in question is something that has happened from our end. However, if the mistake is something that has happened from your end, we can reprint if you agree to cover the expenses.