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Product Catalog Printing

product catalogue printingA good product catalog printing is importance in your advertising and promotional activities. Sometimes, the quality of your catalog represents your products quality. The product catalog printing quality can effect your products advertisement result.

We do more product catalog printing for local customers and overseas clients. Because we printed high quality product catalogs and quality services. We can print catalogs for our customers year by year. Meanwhile, we have enough experience on product catalog printing. We provide free artwork templates and free artwork checking. So we can help our customers complete artwork easier.

Besides providing catalog printing services and customer services, we also provide design services. Meanwhile, we provide mailing services and distribution services. If you have a trade show in China or any other country, we can dispatch the product catalogs to your trade show on time.

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Custom product catalog printing

We do custom catalog printing. It includes custom quantity, custom size, custom paper, custom binding. From short run catalog to large quantity, all we can do. Many catalogs are standard size. For instance, A4 size or A5 size catalog. Besides standard size catalog, we also do more custom size catalogs. From small catalog and large size catalog, all we can do.

According to the product catalog design, we help you to choose the optimal printing options. For instance, paper options, binding method and cover surface. We have more cover stock and text stock for choice. For example, gloss text paper, matte text paper, uncoated text paper. All are available. For the binding style, we can do saddle stitched binding catalog, perfect binding catalog, wire-o binding catalog. Also, we can do more cover surface options. For instance, gloss lamination, matte lamination, spot UV, soft touch lamination, foil stamping. We can meet all your design.

Besides printing product catalog, we also print more catalogs. In instance, furniture catalogs and tool catalogs etc. Also, we can print booksbrochuresposters and so on. Contact our specialists online for printing advises on your artwork and paper choice. Let’s print with us an amazing catalog or other printing products for your products.

Printing Product Catalog Specification

product catalog printing

Size: 297X210mm

Cover paper: 250gsm matte art paper

Interior paper: 128gsm matte art paper

Cover printing: full-color printing

Interior printing: full-color printing

Cover surface: matte lamination outside

Binding: sewn and perfect binding with 3-hole drilled (Dia 6mm)

High-quality product catalog design tips:

The first, to distinguish the product category with different colors in the layout. Then, the catalog users can check different categories easily.

The second, if you design and print the product catalog with a classified information page, keep the classified pages on the right side. Most of the classified information page doesn’t have the page number on it.

The third, in common, even numbers for the interior are on left side page and odd numbers for interiors are on the right page. Therefore, you may also follow this idiomatic usage. It is for reference. 

The last, if you print the product catalog with 3-hole drilled or 2-hole drilled, please keep enough margin on the binding side. We can do 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, and 12mm hole drills. It depends on the catalog thickness.

Product Catalog artwork

The first, please provide all high-resolution photos for product catalog printing, especially large size photos in the catalog. If the large size photos are low resolution, after printing, it will show the mosaic on the catalog.

The second, the photos downloaded from website are not good for printing. Because the website photos are low resolution. The photos for printing should be high resolution. 

The third, if the product catalog includes diagrammatic drawing, we suggest the diagrammatic drawing is done with ONE BLACK COLOR printing or grey color printing. Please don’t do with CMYK printing. Otherwise, after printing, the quality is not good.

The last, don’t design main texts or main photos crossed two pages. When we print, we don’t print two next pages together. It has tolerance in the binding process. If the photos or one line texts cross two pages, after binding, they can’t be connected exactly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1, Is landscape product catalog printing more expensive than portrait product catalog printing?

No. We print with same price. We don’t charge extra cost for landscape catalog. Most the companies charge extra cost for printing landscape catalogs. But we don’t. Our customers can get more benefit from printing landscape catalogs.

2, Can you do catalog design if we print in your company?

If you provide all texts, photos, and a catalog design style, we can do the artwork. But we will charge the layout artwork fee and you need to check and approve. We are an offset printer, we only can do basic design. We can’t do creative catalog design.

More questions, please check FAQ or contact with our printing expert!

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