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Packing and Assembling Services

Are you someone who wants paper boxes for your business? Do you want a reliable logistic service for delivering? If you said yes to both these questions then keep scrolling down because we have just the solution you have been looking for.

Packing and Assembling Services

Paper Box Production Services

As a professional supplier of paper packaging, we not only manufacture various paper packaging, but also help with tracking of vendors of different products, quality control and logistics. You can say goodbye to such things that have been troubling many international buyers.

Here is a list of different kinds of paper boxes that you will get from us for your business:

Cardboard paper box

Rigid paper box

Corrugated paper box

Paper Box Production Services

We also provide promoting services for the following:



Calendars and more

Printing Production Services

Besides the above-listed services, we can also help with purchase of whatever products you may need from multiple vendors, price negotiation, vendor inspection, quality checking, and delivery tracking. For quality checking, we can either do it when the products are delivered to us or go to the vendor’s factory to do it.
We have a variety of services that are related to paper products and their production.

They are as follows:

1. Assembling your products into our paper boxes

If you are looking for different types of paper boxes for your products then you are in the right place because we have a variety of them that you can easily pick and choose from. For businesses located in China, we can also pack your products in the printed paper boxes and then deliver them to you. This way, you don’t need to worry that your supplier posts your product packing on the internet or your competitor copies your packing design. Meanwhile, you will be able to save an additional packaging fee that you would have to give otherwise. Not only this but, you will also save on the shipping cost.

2. Purchase products in China for you

Due to COVID-19, a lot of business owners cannot visit China because of the travel restrictions. Do not worry because we will do it for you. We also act as a third party to help you find a local supplier who will get your products to you in your country. We can help with quality control in the whole production chain. Wherever you are, we can act as your China representative, a net connecting all your vendors and making communication easier.

3. Checking the quality of the product

If you are ordering products in bulk from China and are a bit unsure about their quality, worry no more because we will do the needful for you.

4. Providing shipment services to you

In the wake of a global pandemic, the shipment services have skyrocketed their fee. If you are looking for a local forwarder to save on the shipment cost, we can help you look for one. Do not worry because we will charge an economical amount for the services that we will provide you.

paper products and production

You will find our services valuable for a variety of products, among which are DIY products, children’s products, and products involving multiple vendors and requiring assembling, packaging and centralized logistics.