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Our Founder

After graduation in 1989, I worked as an engineer for one year, following which I entered the printing industry. Computerized typesetting had replaced the conventional letterpress typesetting but was still young in China at that time. Everyone, me included, regarded the computer as high technology and enterprises equipped with computers as high-tech, which prompted me to give up my engineer career in a state-owned enterprise and to start over 12 and a half years’ service with a foreign-owned printing company. During that period, I worked as a typesetter for 2 years and a half, as production manager for 1 year, as sales manager for 1 year, and as general manager for 8 years.

At the end of 2002, we came to Shanghai and invested in a printing company and I continued to serve as general manger for over 12 years. With more than 25 years’ experience in the printing industry, I have developed a real enthusiasm for it. People say experts are those who have done a job for a time as long as 10000 hours. Until the beginning of 2015, I have been in the printing profession for over 50000 hours, not counting overtime hours. I will say loudly and proudly that I am an expert in the printing industry.

I started Shanghai QinQin Printing Co. Ltd., or QINPrinting for short, at the beginning of 2015, with an orientation to the conversion from traditional offline printing to convenient and fast online printing services for global clients. Wherever you are, you have easy access to our professional and speedy printing services as if we’re in your neighborhood. Whenever you’ve got a printing project, our team are right there for you, always.


Susan Han

Founder and President