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Furniture Catalog Printing

furniture catalog printingLooking for printing customized high-quality furniture catalog? You’ve landed at the right place.  Our printed catalogs will wow your customers and help convert more sales.

We provide a wide range paper types for you to create the perfect furniture catalog. Three popular options include our gloss art paper, matter art paper and textured paper. If you are not sure which kind of paper will produce the effect you want for your catalogs, simply tell us your vision and we’ll give you our professional suggestions. Whether your furniture catalog is thick or thin, or whether you want it to be paperback or hardback, regular size or customize – rest assured that you can rely on our decades of experience to craft you the perfect catalog that exceeds your expectations.

Looking for other catalog alternatives to furniture catalog printing? For instance, we can also print product catalogs and lighting catalogs etc. Also, we print books and booklet to meet your needs.

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Furniture Catalog Printing specification

Size: 11.25X11.25”

Printing: full color printing

Cover paper: 300gsm matte art paper

Interior paper: 157gsm matte art paper

Surface: gloss matte lamination, spot UV and embossing

Binding: sewn and perfect binding

Printing custom full color furniture catalogue design tips:

1, To print the correct furniture color, we suggest you do a set of hard proof.

Due to we do GMG color proof management, the hard proof color and mass product’s color can meet 95% similar. The final version is usually more fine-tuned.

Please note that the colors on your computer screen and the colors on paper catalogs will be different. Computer screen color is in RGB format. Offset printing is done in CMYK colors only. Different screen settings also make colors vary. For this reason, we highly recommend a hard proof for you to check for color correctness.

2, Please make sure all photos are high resolution or 300dpi.

Low resolution photos result in a poor quality catalogue. Besides using high resolution photos, please provide other text and graphics as vector files.

3, Bleed

Add a 3mm bleed on each page’s top, bottom, left and right.

4, Cross two pages photo

Many furniture catalogues have large size photos which sometimes cross two pages. To make the photos connect well between the two pages, we suggest you do a sewn and perfect binding for a thick catalogue. For thinner catalogs, we suggest you do a saddle stitch.

5, Regarding black background

If the catalog interior background or cover background is to be black, please design with 90% BLACK 60% MAGENTA 60%CYAN.  Do not use 100% BLACK color for the black background. Because, after printing, 100% BLACK (0-0-0-100 CMYK) will not be an optimal rich black color.

6, Cover with spine

For the cover designs, you need to create the front cover, spine and back cover on a single page.  Before you design the spine, please tell us your interior paper type, page count and catalog size, so that we can provide you a cover template. Regarding texts or logo(s) on the spine, please keep 1mm space on the left and right spine. For example, if the spine thickness is 15mm. The texts or logo(s) width should be less than 13mm. We don’t suggest doing emboss on the spine.

7, 3-hole drilled

Many furniture catalogs do with 3-holes drilled. If you do the catalogue with 3-hole drilled finish, please keep extra margin on the binding side or make sure the furniture photo or texts don’t get punched when we drill the holes. In addition, we can provide the printing file template with 3-hole drilled position before you design the catalog artwork.

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