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Electronic Product Catalog Printing

electronic product catalog printingWe printed more electronic product catalogs for many customers. Because of our printing expertise, we recommend the most suitable paper and binding method for you. Meanwhile, we provide quality customer services and our production turnaround time is short. Our clients are satisfied with our printing quality and catalog printing services. 

We are a professional offset printing company. We do short run catalog and bulk catalog printing. Our MOQ is 100pcs. For bulk catalog, the unit price is lower. Meanwhile, we do catalog design if you provide images and texts. You can custom sizes for your catalog. Small catalog and large size catalog, all we can do.

We have more paper stock for different custom catalog printing. In common, we use thicker paper for cover stock. But a self-cover catalog is also available. Depending on the color scheme of your catalog, we’ll choose between gloss art paper and matte art paper. Your catalog cover is not in regular shape? That would not be a problem at all. We can die-cut the catalog cover into the designed shape.

Besides electronic product catalog printing, we can also print more catalogs. For instance, product catalogs and tool catalogs, furniture catalogs, lighting catalogs. Also, we can print books, magazines, foldersbrochures and so on. Welcome to contact us, we are looking forward to printing products for you!

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Electronic Product Catalog Printing Specification

Size: 8.5X11″

Cover: 200gsm matte art paper

Printing: full-color printing

Interior paper: 80gsm matte art paper

Catalog interior printing: full-color printing

Page count: 256 pages

Binding: perfect binding

Electronic Product Catalog Printing Tips:

The first, many electronic products are a small size. To make the small items clear after taking photos, you may use micro-lens to take high-quality photos. So, the product details can be shown in the photo. All images should be at least 300dpi.

The second, when your graphic designer does the catalog layout, please keep proper scale to make the products are showing in the correct size. If some details can’t be seen, you may do special marks on the photo.

The third, many small electronic products are black color or grey color. It looks boring. You may use a colorful background or colorful bars to balance the boring product color. You also can design the table background with some light color. We suggest you design one series products pages with one color.

The fourth, electronic products have many models. If the content is too much, that means the catalog is thick. We suggest you select 80gsm gloss art paper or 80gsm matte art paper for the interior. In this case, you can do more pages and save mailing fee and printing costs, especially when you print large quantity.

Next, if you select thin paper, please don’t design the full background with dark color or black color. Because the thin paper is not good for printing rich ink.

The last, please design all black texts with 100% BLACK after you convert to PDF files. Don’t design small black text with CMYK printing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can you do multiple covers for one catalog?

Yes. We can do.

How can I design the catalog cover with a spine?

For perfect binding catalog, it should have a spine. Before you design catalog covers, please tell us the catalog interior paper, size and page count. Our designer will do cover template including spine thickness for you.

When you design the texts or LOGO on the spine, please keep at least 1mm space on the spine left side and spine right side. Because we need tolerance for binding.

For catalog cover, do we do a cover with varnish is better or do we do cover with lamination is better?

For thick catalog, we strongly recommend the catalog cover is with gloss lamination or matte lamination. Because gloss lamination or matte lamination can protect the cover well. If the cover is with varnish, the catalog spine corners will be damaged.

For a thin catalog or saddle stitch catalog, the cover with varnish is okay.

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