What Kind of Products Are Suitable for Printing in China

In order to low the cost for printing, more and more companies and publishing companies start to print in China. There are many experienced workers in China Printing companies. And many China printing company equip many advanced machines. Their printing quality is great. Therefore there are many kinds of products are suitable for printing in China.

However, not all the products are suitable for printing in China. Except printing cost, there are shipping cost, time cost etc. I would like to talk about this from different factors.

printing in China

1, printing Color in China

Some printing jobs need CMYK printed but some printing jobs only need black and white printing. Which one is better to print in China? Actually, both of them are cheaper if you print in China. But full color printing is much cheaper than printing in US for most of time. In US, black and white printing is not very expensive. But full color printing is much more expensive than printing in China. If you need full color printing, printing in China is a better choice.

Some printer in China have color hard proof system which is the same with US printer. But what is hard proof system? Hard proof is printed by hard proof machine and printed on hard proof paper. The paper is totally different with mass product. With hard proof, you will know what the color will be for the mass product.

So if your product need full color printing, printing in China is better.


2, Binding

Saddle stitching is popular for many products and price is not high. But perfect binding cost is high. But in China, perfect binding cost is only a little higher than saddle stitching cost. So if you need perfect binding for your book, catalog etc, printing in China is a good choice. For example, when you print 500pcs A4 size 48 pages book, saddle stitching binding cost is around 35USD. But if you need perfect binding, binding will only cost 40USD! Only 5USD higher than saddle stitching for 500pcs! Saddle stitching binding cost is low. But perfect binding cost is also not high.

Except perfect binding, there are sewing and perfect binding, wire-o binding, spiral binding, hardcover binding etc. Because of low labour cost and advanced machines, binding in China is cheap. If you do need to print a book and high end binding options, printing in China is a better choice.

3, Quantity

Some companies print several thousands books, catalogs, brochures. Some companies print only several hundreds for their products. Which one is suitable for printing in China? There’s no standard answer for this question. But if only printing several or less than 100pcs, printing local is a better choice. Because of this kind of low quantity products, printing cost plus shipping cost will be higher than printing in local digital printing company. If print very high quantity, such as one million books, then printing local by web printing is a better choice. Normally, printing in China is a better choice when the quantity is several hundreds, several thousands or less than 100,000pcs,

4, Time

Normally, it may takes around one week for air shipping and it takes over one month if ship by sea. If you can choose shipping your products by air and you are glad to wait for over one or two weeks, printing in China is a good choice. If you need to receive your products within one week, printing local is a better choice.

printing in China

Suggestions about suitable for printing in China

There is no one standard answer for what kind of products are suitable for printing in China. Different products with different quantity and usage will change your mind. Here are some suggestions to help you to make the decision.

1, No matter what kind of product you need to print, find some printers in China first. Although it takes several hours, no one will avoid saving half of their cost for printing but same or higher standard products.

2, When contact with a printer, please tell them when you need the products. Printers in China will do their best to meet your demand.

3, Try to finish design on time. Most of the printing jobs can finish within 2 weeks. The rest is how to ship. If your team can finish design one month in advance, you can get one month extra to ask Chinese printer ship to you by sea.

After these suggestions, let me show you some general ideas for what kind of situation is suitable for printing in China.

  1. A company needs several thousands product catalogs in March. And their design team can finish design before January. To save some cost, I suggest that finding a printer in China. Here’s a calculator online(https://www.qinprinting.com/quote/). You can get more prices here.
  2. A publishing company needs 500 hardback children books in June. They can finish design in May. Hardback book printing in China is not expensive. And for only 500pcs, air shipping is a good choice.

Some people may be worry about printing quality in China. Please ask them express you some samples and ask them show you their quality. If you are OK with their quality and low price, why not try to print in China? So, most of the printing jobs are suitable for printing in China.